What Is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

PPC which is termed as Pay Per Click is an online advertising platform. In PPC the advertisers can acquire costs when the user clicks on to their ads. They usually received the value of a click in relation to the platforms, keywords, and audience in which it originates.

It’s Basics: PPC is used for all types of campaign goals, which include:

• Increasing sales.
• Generating leads.
• Promotes Brand Awareness.

Generally, PPC is all about relevance. The users can search for specific products or their information at any point of time. The advertisers contain the capability to show a targeted ad at the exact moment of search.

PPC Terminology:

  • Ad Extensions: “Ad Extensions” are bits of information and can be added to the PPC text ad. It mainly includes address, phone number, page links, etc. These are particularly useful for customizing PPC advertising for businesses.
  • Ad Position : It refers to where your ad displays on Search Engine Result Pages and is determined by the amount you bid. Approximately there are 10 paid ads per search result page. More the popular advert is better will be its prominent position
  • Click through Rate: The term “Click-through Rate” shows the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. It is mainly determined by dividing the number of clicks received by the number of impressions. Moreover, it also determines the quality score of a keyword. While having high CTR’s, you can achieve a higher ad position at a lower cost.
  • Conversion Rate: The way of evaluating the performance of PPC campaign is the “Conversion Rate”. It can be calculated at the keyword, ad, and can be been done by dividing the number of conversion by the total number of clicks.

PPC Advertising Platforms:

    • Google Ads: If you want to show paid search results to users, then Google Ads is the best platform for it. It is the most popular engine with n number of users. In addition to it below is some more information about Google Ads:

• Google gets 5.6 billion searches per day.
• 63% of people click on Google ad.
• The average CTR of Google ad is 3.17% for search and0.46% for display.
• The search average for CPC is $ 2.69 and $0.63 for display.
• The conversion rates average 3.75% for search and 0.77% for display.

  • Microsoft Advertising : As similar to Google ads, Microsoft advertising is also a pay-per-click platform. It shows the ads in Microsoft and yahoo networks. This platform also utilizes search partners. At present Microsoft, Advertising has 137 million desktop searchers on Bing Network.

Things that are needed for creating strong PPC account:

    • Account Structure : The strong PPC account should be organized and structured strategically. It should contain different campaigns around similar products or services. Within these campaigns, different ad groups should separate your products, brands, or services. For each ad group you can set:

• Create custom ads
• Target relevant keywords.
• Narrow audiences based on their demographics, interests, etc.

  • Engaging Ads : Show the things that make your brand unique. Incorporate the keywords but don’t overdo it. You need to ensure that the message is natural, authentic, and informative. Try to address all the specific needs of your audience and tell them how your business offers the best solutions for their customers.

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