What Is SEO Techniques

What is SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization? It is one of the best techniques of high ranking on Google or any other search engine and also increases the quantity and quality of traffic. We do some changes to the website and the content of our site should be attractive because it makes our site more attractive to a search engine. The data should be relevant which gave by us because the search engine always wants to provide the best service for their client. If you provided the best data then we make sure that it grows more and more and visitors spend their time a lot on your website. 

There are two types of SEO

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

On-page SEO- On-page SEO is a technique, in which only focused on ranking as high as possible in a search engine. Some key factors are necessary to include such as Title tags, Heading, URL structure, images, Page speed, content, and links.

Off-page SEO- Off-page SEO is a type of SEO and one of the best ways to show the best results to users. We can normally do outside border of your website Link building is the main and important part in Off-page SEO. There are three types of links such as natural link, manually built link, Self-created links. 

SEO Techniques- Some various or effective SEO techniques help us to get a positive result.

Post-high-quality and fresh content

Update your data.

Grow site speed and increase the share ability of posts.

Optimize the Heading and title.

Link with an authority website

 Techniques are classified into three parts

White-hat SEO technique

Black-hat SEO technique

Grey-hat SEO technique

White-hat SEO technique – White-hat SEO included keywords or keyword analysis, link building, back links for improvements and writing content for a client.


Some SEO techniques make it right

Content- Content is the main key because the content help to boost the site so some important things are main to add properly in content such as


Keyword distribution




You should be planning for your content because it should be lengthy or relevant so add real and valuable characters in the content.

SEO Techniques

Excellent keyword- Keyword should be used naturally because it is important but also take some tools and time.

Link building- Link building is vital in this term and it should be quality links for real website and White-hat link building getting an excellent link instead of Black-hat linking.

Schema markup- Schema markup is one of the amazing ways to structuring the data on your website and you get the greater chance that you’re content for the richest result in some categories.

User intent-  Your overall data of content should be based on the intent of the user and analyze the user expectations.

Blackhat SEO technique- Black-hat SEO technique adds cloaking, stuffing, keyword, and few private links networks and also used for increasing the ranking rates.

Cloaking- In which, one part of content send to the search engine and another send to user and the content is irrelevant.

Stuffing- In which, you just fill your content with irrelevant keywords and they create no value so generate bad experience for users. Repeating the same words so it makes unnaturally,

Private link network-  It is a bunch of websites and in which, all the private blog network link with the main site and intend to boost the result of search engine.

Grey SEO technique- Grey-hat SEO technique is a mixture of both White-hat and Black-hat techniques. In which, suppose your White-hat SEO getting excellent results then you use the Grey-hat SEO technique for speed the process and there various Grey-hat SEO techniques.

Buy expired domains-  It is one of the best techniques than other because if you give your best then it makes sure play a vital role because it works great and help to improve your back links of the site and if you buy an expired domain then you should be careful about URL.

Use of social bookmarking site- Carefully use of the social bookmarking site when you upload your URL link on social bookmarking site and also can your SEO help,

Deposit your website to web directories- Back links are important so if you want high quality and relevant links for your site then you should be deposit your site to web directories. You will see the better result

Getting positive reviews- If you list your business on reviews then it will help you to get a better result to increase the traffic. When the user leaves their review then you will think again so it is the best way to improve the result.

Building blogs-  Building blogs is the best way to generate a high-quality link for your website. You will use relevant back links and your blog should not be containing duplicated content. It should be real and natural so your website boosts high ranking and the Grey-hat technique help to improve your result of the search engine without any miss-happening.

Add length in old content-  If you want better result than you should add some more length in your content because the lengthy data of content perform better result so it is too much important to increase the length of your content to see the best result.