All About Christian Matrimony

All About Christian Matrimony

Christian matrimony is linked up with two christians getting married to each other and therefore, while planning for it one needs to see what are the functions a fancy Christian Indian wedding can have as per the rituals and customs of Christians.

A beautiful Christian wedding have these functions for their pre wedding and post wedding ceremonies which are as follows:-

Pre wedding functions:-

  • Engagement Ceremony:-

The first ceremony happened after a matrimony decision for the marriage is Engagement ceremony. This is the initial function which locks the bride and groom to be in a relationship considering the fact that both are soon to get married to each other. This occasion is usually arranged by the parents of the bride and groom and happens between the close family and friends where both the bride and groom exchange their rings with each other. On this day of engagement the wedding of the lovely couple is also announced in the Local Church.

  • Bridal shower:-

This is not a compulsory ritual or ceremony. Some people prefer doing it and some do not. This ceremony is also known as Hen’s party and is usually organized by the bride and her female close friends and other bridesmaids. This ceremony has all the dance, music and drinks followed by other elements such as fun games and so on.

  • Bachelor party:-

This is also not a compulsory ceremony and some people do it some do not. This ceremony is similar to Bridal shower with a difference that this happens for the groom and this is organized by The groom and his friends.

  • Haldi & Mehandi Ceremony:-

This ceremony is often there in The Indian Christian wedding. In this ceremony both the bride and groom have mehandi and haldi ceremony at their own respective houses or outside as per the choice of the family. This ceremony also has dance and music in it.

  • Wedding:-

The wedding ceremony in the Christians usually happens in the church in the local neighborhood followed by a fancy brunch or lunch. The wedding ceremony is a morning affair which is done in front of the priest where both bride and grooms took the vow to be together and love each other with support forever. The priest of the church should be the one who is authorized to the Church of Scotland. 

Post wedding ceremony:-


A reception is kept by the groom’s family post wedding introducing the newly wed bride and new additions in their family to their family and friends. This function is mostly followed by music, dance and dinner.

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