10 Benefits of using CodeIgniter for Web Development

10 Benefits of using CodeIgniter for web development

For the CodeIgniter development of a website application, it is only justified that the developers use CodeIgniter because of the enhanced features that it provides and the security it ensures. Therefore, provided below are 10 benefits of employing CodeIgniter development.

1. CodeIgniter is ideal for testing and developing web apps.

This is the only PHP framework that provides you with reliable features and security because it is being tested and developed at every step. This means that the developers building websites can test it before developing for its working and therefore, this prevents any errors in the running of it. 

2. Prevents any errors or bugs to hinder the working of the website.

The framework is the best at taking care of any bugs or errors in the working or functioning of the website during development. This renders websites that do not contain any kind of flaws and provides extremely reliable functions and the designs provided are remarkable too. The user interface is simplified too so that the developers can point out any errors that might be hindering the running of the website. This is important as the user interface is what affects the user experience positively or negatively. 

3. Provides help and support to the developers who might be stuck.

The CodeIgniter platform provides community support to the users who may be struggling with certain problems or issues while developing the website using the particular framework. This provides confidence to the developers who can get solutions to their issues without any prominent delay. The platform has a team of professionals who can solve any technical issues for the developers and provide support through the help center and also the helpline numbers and email id. 

4. Assists the developers in altering the website according to their needs.

When you are a developer, you may need to alter the website a certain amount to suit your needs and requirements. This saves time for the developers who face problems doing so while building a website. The framework is the only one that can help developers customize their websites in contrast to the other frameworks that do not provide such versatility and adaptability. This feature helps in fixing any bugs that may pop up on the website and comes in handy when the developers want the files to be configured in a simplified form to work on. 

5. Optimization of the website can be done in a better way.

When the developers employ CodeIgniter as a key PHP framework in the development of the website, it provides an upward trend in the search engine rankings of that particular website. If the businesses consult a professional in digital marketing, they would recommend using this particular framework too as it assists in diverting more and more traffic to your website. This along with plenty of other enhanced features that the framework provides contributes to the optimization of the website such that its rankings on the search engine results page improve. 

6. Securing any particular website by using the CodeIgniter.

As has been mentioned before, the incorporation of safety and security in your website cannot be stressed on enough. Therefore, to prove that you are serious about it, it is necessary to use CodeIgniter development so that your website has features for security that make it reliable and trustworthy to the users who visit it. The framework provides encryption for data so that it cannot be transferred to or accessed by third-party sites or apps. 

7. Developing the website in record timing if you are on a clock.

Many businesses may want the developers to be ready with the website as they have already decided on a date for the launch. Therefore, if the developers are working on a deadline, CodeIgniter is the way to go. This is why many businesses choose this particular framework as it processes the development and building without any unnecessary delays. Therefore, it provides the developers the security of making the deadline without facing any challenges which might very well be the case for many other frameworks. This is possible because the development in this framework requires minimal code while providing better functions and features. You can check helpful hints for the best CodeIgniter web development.

8. User interface is convenient for the users visiting the website.

This framework makes it quite simple and easy to develop a remarkable website even while providing the best interface which is user-friendly. It can assure you both of a website that can function in a dynamic manner and even a website that can provide the developers with a responsive design fit for the best user experience. The only decision to make here is to ensure that the company providing you with the services of the CodeIgniter framework is a reliable and trusted source. 

9. Relying on the model view controller makes it highly dependable.

The CodeIgniter framework is based on the system of the model view controller which is what makes the platform particularly reliable. This is what works for the platform as it increases the trust that the developers place upon it. This particular system is what is responsible for the developers being able to test the website while developing it when they use the CodeIgniter framework. This provides the developers with the opportunity to test the websites before running the functions in a final manner. 

10. Data migration helps developers switch between servers.

The CodeIgniter development involves updating the database and the migration of data from one server to the other one. The support that the platform provides while migrating the data between two servers is what makes a deciding factor for the businesses while choosing the PHP framework to opt-in for. This provides the developers with the convenience of switching the old data they were using to the new server that is working on presently. However, even if things go wrong there are professionals to help you out in case of a technical error.

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