Top 10 Guides to Safe Salon Experience

Top 10 Guides to Safe Salon Experience

In the beauty and wellness industry, personal interaction is necessary and not easy to avoid. But in a corona pandemic, it is crucial to avoid personal contact as much as possible. No salon can provide beauty services, massages without physical touch, and any other treatment without touching the client. However, sanitation and cleanliness are possible with an online book my salon.

Due to avoiding personal contact, you might be worried about the business that you have and how to provide services according to your needs and wants. Every beauty venue like spas, salons, beauty parlors, and makeup artists are making it hard on what to do in consideration of Covid-19. So, let’s have a look at the 10 tips to give you a safe salon experience. Read on to discover it!

1. Eliminate unnecessary contact

This is the simplest way to avoid the spread of the covid virus. Try to eliminate the useless contact such as telling your staff To use personal devices to add the items if retail and extra items to the booking. You can make online salon reservations for them so they don’t have to wait in massive lines. Also, let your customers skin the front desk and give them a contactless checkout.

2. Lean into pre-booking

This is one of the best ways that can help you to pre-book the appointment. Salons, spas, beauty parlors, and even makeup artists can make their customers book appointments and this helps to establish your business as well. You can encourage your loyal customer to book their next appointment in advance during the shutdown.

3. Retail to rescue

In the corona pandemic, a customer doesn’t like to visit you again and again on your salon for buying the products that they are obsessed with your product. You can sell them digitally your salon products such as essential oils, massage oil, spa cream, and shampoo. They all want familiar products for at-home even when they can visit you in person. How cool is that!

4. Reduce services and smooth the operations

You Should make your operations smooth and reduce the services or combine them if possible. With online salon booking, clients can make an appointment with you anytime that increases your customer base and provides you loyalty. You should have all the services on the menu along with the pricing so that customers can choose it according to their wants and desire.

5. Reconsider cancellation fees

The cancellation fees are the right thing to do with your business. In this matter, if your client wants to cancel the appointment then make sure that they will not get 100% cashback. You should charge some penalty in case they book the appointment and cancel it later at the time of sitting. Also, you should make sure they can cancel it in case they are not well and not able to come to your venue.

6. Empower staff to stay home

You Should support and provide the best to your client to make them fall in love with you. If your staff is ill and not in the position to come to work then you should encourage them to stay at home. This makes them feel that you respect them a lot and in return, they provide your customers the best services. In the long run, this support and help can make your business grow at large.

7. Automate what you can

You should make your customer provide automation services that help to give you loyal customers. For instance, if you are reducing the services and availability then you can target your customers who are more intense and loyal to you. Analyze the conversation and communication with your customer and how you can keep in touch with them.

8. Keep it clean

Customers will only come to your salon again if you provide them with the best service along with clean tools and equipment. Keep your sitting areas, looby, chair, beds, sofas, and all the tools you used during services sanitized. Keep them sanitized after one customer. This keeps you safe as well as the customers.

9. Go virtual

If you are thinking of providing the services to your customers online then it is the right time to get started. It might sound weird but this is worth the effort. Due to this lockdown and corona pandemic, it is becoming difficult to reach your client but with online salon booking you can reach out to a large number of customers only by getting listed and showing your services and ratings.

10. Stay connected

You should stay in touch with your customers. Consider promoting your work, salon, infrastructure, and services on social media channels. Build a newsletter community, build your email list and nurture them. Get online and provide a love video, QnA sessions, and 1:1 appointments or consultations. Offer them advice that you usually give in person.

Bottom line

These are some of the most useful advice and pointers for having a safe salon experience. You can use these points to make you feel safe and secure while visiting a salon in this pandemic. Since the salon is part of the lifestyle and we can’t ignore it but we can protect ourselves.

With an online salon booking app, customers can book an appointment with a salon near me. And you can collaborate with them to get listed in their app so that you can get more customers and enhance your business. A customer can simply book their salon appointment and visit there at a slot time.

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