Summer Season Fruits in India

Summer Season Fruits in India

Have a look at the summer season fruits in India:

1: Watermelon:

Watermelon - Summer fruits in india
Summer Season Fruits in India

These fluid-filled fruits come with Vitamin A, B6, C, and potassium. These nutrients prevent your eyesight from deteriorating and then boost your immunity so that your body should be prevented from summer illnesses like common coughs or allergies. Watermelons contain potassium and these do not allow water levels in your body to decrease. These help in keeping your muscles flexible and boost heart health. Most importantly water present in watermelons also prevents you from getting dehydrated. It is one of the widely consumed summer fruits in India.

2: Guava:

Summer Season Fruits in India

Usually, Guava doesn’t allow your blood sugar levels to spike. In case you are a diabetic patient, then you can eat this fruit without being worried about the dangerous consequences. Also, it cannot be denied that summer brings numerous digestion problems and thus causes your digestive system to become sluggish.

Guavas are enriched in fibers and keep your digestive tract clean. The brutal summer can cause skin burn problems and guava can help you in nourishing your skin tone. The fruit also provides ease in menstrual pain.

3: Mango:

Summer Season Fruits in India

For most people summers are synonymous with mangoes. Mangoes are also known as “The King of Fruits”. It’s not only they are appetizing but they can also be packed in a ton of goodness. It is on the top of the list of the best summer fruits and vegetables in India.

This fruit is a good source of calories so whenever you find that your energy is being zapped due to the summer heat then you just need to bite a few mango slices for having a quick boost.

One of the highly consumed summer season fruits in India, mango contains plenty of fibres and an entire range of vitamins as well as potassium. The yellow color in mangoes is imparted by a pigment and which protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

4: Musk Melon:

Musk Melon - Summer Fruits in India
Summer Season Fruits in India

This aromatic fruit is the best to take in summer. It is loaded with Vitamin A and helps bolster immunity and thus reduces inflammation. Also, vitamin C helps in cell repairing and hence brings a glow to your skin even when the sun becomes harsh.

Its beta-carotene helps in boosting the health of your eyes and its anti-oxidant properties flush out all free radicals from your body. This fruit also helps in keeping your heartbeat strong and thus stabilizes the blood pressure. Moreover, it assists in digestion too.

5: Cherries:

Summer Season Fruits in India

Cherries are also on the list of summer fruits of India. Eating cherries helps in keeping you fresh. But when you buy cherries remember that they should be refrigerated. Do not try to wash them until you are ready to eat them. Due to its excess moisture, it will hasten to mold its stem.

6: Berries:

Berries - Summer Season Fruits in India
Summer Season Fruits in India

Berries are mostly found in summer but they can get spoiled quickly. It has also been found that giving berries vinegar really helps in prolonging life. All you need is to mix 1 part of vinegar in berries, and then you need to stir them around and wait for 5 minutes.

Now, strain the berries and then rinse them again with water in order to remove the remaining vinegar flavor. Allow them to dry with the help of a dry cloth napkin and then store them in a fridge for a week. You can also preserve the berries for an even longer time by keeping them in a freezer.

7: Grapes:

Grapes - Summer Season Fruits in India
Summer Season Fruits in India

The list of summer fruits in India is incomplete without grapes. This fruit contains Vitamins C, K, and calcium. It also contains more than 20 antioxidants and can be found in three different varieties like Green, Black, and Purple. In order to get a delicious treat, you can try freezing grapes and eat them with a little powdered sugar. This fruit is enriched in 60 calories.

8: Pear:

Pear - Fruits in summer in india
Summer Season Fruits in India

As apples are regarded as super-food, the pears shouldn’t be left far behind. Many people aren’t aware that a single pear contains more fiber than an apple. It contains Vitamin C, carbs, and calories. This fruit is great for the overall health of your body. In addition to this, it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. This fab fruit also helps in digestion and enhances your immune system.

9: Avocado:

Avocado - summer fruits in india
Summer Season Fruits in India

It is one of the best summer foods to include in your health list. This food is known for improving digestion and helps you in preventing osteoarthritis and reduces depression, etc. This fruit is versatile and is enriched in monounsaturated fatty acids and also helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Besides it, this fruit contains folate, vitamin K, E, B6, and copper, etc.

10: Papaya:

Summer Season Fruits in India

Next on the list is Papaya. Usually, this fruit is considered to be all-around summer fruit. Moreover, this fruit can help in soothing sunburn and reducing tan. Papaya also helps in lowering blood pressure and is a big supporter of digestion. You can eat this fruit and you can also apply it to your skin and can make a hair-pack of it. All in all, it’s a great fruit to include in your weight-loss diet.

It is enriched with nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, and photochemical. Moreover, this also helps in improving gastrointestinal health, fights with indigestion, and also prevents bloating. Though this fruit contains beta carotene, it helps in reducing the strain and eases inflammation. The anti-oxidants that have been present in this fruit will keep your heart healthy. So, papaya is in the list of best summer fruits in India.

Eventually, summers can be an uncomfortable time of the year when it so hot. This heat can make you wish to have a never-ending supply of cold drinks. Well, indeed, we cannot control the outside temperature but we can remain cool on the inside with healthy foods, vegetables, etc.