Summer Season Vegetables in India

Summer Season Vegetables in India

Here are the top summer season vegetables in India:

1: Cucumber:

Summer Season Vegetables in India
Summer Season Vegetables in India

Cucumber is one of the best summer fruits and vegetables in India that everyone should have in their diet. It helps in detoxifying your body and also keeps your skin glowing and healthy. Here are some benefits of cucumber that make it summer essential:

  • Helps in hydrating your body:

This vegetable is made up of 95 percent of water and thus it is super hydrating. It helps in eliminating toxins from the body and keeps you healthy from the inside. Cucumber is an effective system and can expel waste products.

  • Refreshing the skin:

When you apply cucumber juice on your face then it can make you look refreshed and especially for people who have dry skin.

  • Minimizes dark circles:

Cucumber slices have been also used in many beauty regimes. These are especially effective in reducing dark circles around the eyes. You can also put grated cucumber on your face for some time and see how fresh look you get.

2: Lady Finger:

Summer Season Vegetables in India
Summer Season Vegetables in India

There are multiple names for Lady Finger such as Okra, Bhindi. This nutritious vegetable has been grown in different parts of the world. Lady Finger has been widely consumed in the Indian household and it contains lots of benefits too:

Here are some amazing benefits of this common vegetable:

  • Helps in promoting heart health:

Lady Finger doesn’t contain any cholesterol and has a component known as pectin that helps in lowering bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is also a cause of many heart diseases and thus it can be only controlled by increasing the consumption of Bhindi.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar:

Those who are suffering from diabetes can consume this vegetable as it contains high fiber that releases sugar slowly into the blood to slow the rate of digestion. Thus, it ensures that there remains no sugar spike that can occur after a diabetic eats food.

3: Broccoli:

Summer Season Vegetables in India
Summer Season Vegetables in India

Another green leafy summer vegetable in India that most people are unaware of is Broccoli. This vegetable contains the essential nutrients that ensure that its consumption can make the maximum health benefits to us as individuals.

A: This vegetable is known for reducing the risk of certain diseases named diabetes, various types of cancers, heart-related disease, and some types of diseases. Its antioxidant, beta-carotene is usually known to impart several health benefits to the green leafy vegetables.

B: In this vegetable, vitamin C is present in abundance. Therefore, by eating just a few grams of the vegetable you can complete the daily required intake of it. Having the presence of sulforaphane also provides you the health benefits.

C: There are a lot of diseases that are known to be caused by stress so eating broccoli helps in protecting the body from a variety of diseases. This vegetable can get easily added to your daily diet and in the form of salads too.

4: Sprouts:

Summer Season Vegetables in India

Vegetables In Summer SeasonSprouts also belong to the family of vegetables. Hence there is no surprise that these also tend to impart numerous health benefits to the body. By eating sprouts, your body cells get protected from getting damaged if you consume them on regular basis. Also, this is achieved owing to the presence of some anti-oxidants.

If you want to detoxify your body, then you can consume this vegetable on a regular basis. Similar to Broccoli, these sprouts are also known to reduce the stress in the body and prevent you from attracting various diseases. Vitamins C is present in it and thus the immune system in your body can be built up by the regular consumption of the sprouts. These are mostly roasted and can often make a great way and a great addition to salads.

5: Tomatoes:

Summer Season Vegetables in India
Summer Season Vegetables in India

Most people love to eat tomatoes and it also has been found that this vegetable is in the top list of 15th healthiest vegetables. Some of its nutritional functions are:

1: One of the most important elements that are present in the vegetable is Lycopene. It gives you a daily requirement of Vitamin K to the body. Moreover, if your body gets an adequate amount of Vitamin A and C then you should daily eat tomatoes. This also helps you in protecting your body against various diseases like diabetes, infertility, and several others.

2: The immunity system of your body will also get build-up by regularly consuming tomatoes. You can also eat it raw, cooked, or in baked form, and sometimes even roasted and this is the beauty of this vegetable.

6: Ginger:

Summer Season Vegetables in India
Summer Season Vegetables in India

Another vegetable that you might know about and that has a lot of health benefits is Ginger. You can read here some of its nutritional aspects:

1: Ginger has been known to reduce the problem of nausea.

2: If you are suffering from the problem of inflammation then you should regularly consume ginger root in its various forms.

3: Ginger root can help in preventing diseases like diabetes and a host of other chronic conditions too.

4: The ginger plant has been used to treat the problem of motion sickness in both men as well as women.

5: You can make use of ginger not only as a spice but also as the ingredients of the various dishes that you usually prepare at home. This will not only make your dish tastier but your body will also get certain health benefits that ginger has to offer.