Become A Better Cook Avoid These Mistakes

Become A Better Cook Avoid These Mistakes

Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished chef, there’s one thing all cooks have in common: we all make mistakes in the kitchen. If you also love cooking and want to share it with us then you can write a blog on the topic cooking blog write for us

1. Streaming hot oil down the sink.

Never put your oil in the sink at all. It’ll clog up everything so quickly. I’d rather put it in the fridge and throw it down later with junk. 

2. Forgetting to let your meat rest 

Do not cut meat immediately after cooking it. More juices will evaporate, and the flesh will become drier.Wait a few minutes. Resting is a portion of cooking. 

3. Burning the garlic  

Throw in garlic mid-way through when forming vegetables with a lengthy cook time. Garlic needs time to cook, yes, but if you put it in first it may likely burn. Browned garlic is amazing. Burnt garlic is black and bitter. 

4. Rinse your pasta 

Pasta should never, ever be washed for a warm dish. The starch in the water is what helps the sauce stick to the pasta. The only time you should ever wash your pasta is when you’re going to use it in a cold dish. 

5. Using dull knives 

Sharpen your damn knives. Seriously, blunt blades are super dangerous. Not only are they less effective, but they are also dangerous because a blunted knife is more likely to slip with a dull cutter. Pick up a sharpener, even if it’s a cheap one. 

6. Stirring and flipping your food too frequently while cooking 

Stop mucking about with whatever it’s you are cooking. Unless it’s something you specifically require to be mixed or stirred continually, leave it alone. Stop pressing down on effects when you flip them. 

7. Adding too much flavour too fast 

Remember, you can’t get any stuff back after adding it. Go slowly with spices and smoothly. You can always add further, but you can not take it back. 

8. Grabbing the adulation and swabbing 

The secret to how restaurants make all their food flavours brilliant is that they use absurd quantities of fat and salt compared to home cooks: salt, fat (butter), spices. 

9. Not cooking with the proper pans 

Use a heavy or nonstick pan for searing steaks. The temperature needed to get a nice sear will ruin the special coating on them, rendering them useless. Use a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. However, it just takes a couple minutes to get a good sear if you have to use a stove. 

10. Not preparing ingredients in advance 

Don’t start cooking unless all( or almost all) components are fixed. You can not start dicing onions while your flesh is frying dry in the pan. When preparing a mess with a lot of constituents, have everything set on the countertop. Seasoning, garlic, and so on.

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