Do You Want to Protect Your Face in the Summer Months? The Best Hats you should look for

Do You Want to Protect Your Face in the Summer Months?

During the hot summer months, men always look for the best sun hats that can showcase their fashion sense while also protecting them from the sun. If you visit our online store, you will notice different types of summer hats such as fedoras, trilby hats, Panama hats, trucker hats, baseball caps, etc.

This is why you might be overwhelmed while choosing the best summer hats, especially if this is your first time shopping for the hats. To mitigate your difficulties, we will discuss some great summer hats so that you can choose the best one. 

The hats are a versatile fashion accessory that can be worn all the time. In the winter, hats will protect you from the cold. In the summer months, hats will keep your head remain cool. 

Characteristics of the Summer Hats 

During the summer months, you need to every precaution to protect yourself from the scorching rays. As per Mayo Clinic, sun can overheat your body that can cause heatstroke. Additionally, the UV rays will cause skin cancer and can damage your eyes. 

The best men’s summer hats are comfortable, lightweight, and protect from the UV rays and scorching heat. The brim of the summer hats is designed to protect your face and eyes from the sun’s rays. This is why many people choose wide brim fedora hats as they provide superior sun protection. 

We have created a list of the best summer hats for men. The hats on this list will not only protect you from the UV rays but also help you showcase your fashion and uniqueness. Not to mention, the hats are affordable. 

Summer Straw Hats for Men 

Straw hats for men are undoubtedly one of the best options for summer. Straw hats are made of either natural or synthetic straw. They are comfortable, trendy, and durable. The air circulation feature of the straw hats makes them the best summer hats. Apart from the breathability, they offer great sun protection from the sun. The breathability of the straw hats will undoubtedly improve comfort. The straw summer hats for men will keep your head cool so that you don’t have a headache. 

The fedora hats and Panama hats are the two most famous straw summer hats for men. Not only they are made of durable and lightweight material, but the design of the Panama and Straw hats will leave the room while you wear them, which will increase the cooling effect. The brim will protect your eyes from the UV rays. However, to achieve maximum protection, you should wear a pair of sunglass too. 

Summer Dress Hats for Men 

Dress hats are the summer fashion accessory for men that should be paired with a suit. If you’re planning to attend a casual or formal event during the hot summer months, the dress hats are the perfect option.

However, remember that summer dress hats can only be paired with formal outfits. Any type of casual outfit will look vague on them. Summer dress hats are made of felt or wool. Even though they are extremely effective at protecting yourself, they might feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Therefore, in the summer months, it’s best if you choose breathable and lightweight summer straw hats. Not only they will look good, but they will also provide comfort. 

Bucket Sun Hats for Men 

For the past couple of years, bucket hats are one of the most popular summer hats for men. Men who love casual appearance but don’t want to attract unwanted attention should try the bucket hats. They look cool. Hence, if you want to go with something that looks cool, bucket hats for summer should be your priority.

They feature either small or medium brim size. The bucket hats will provide you with enough protection from the sun’s rays. If you want to stay outdoors for a long time during the hot summer months, you should choose a wide brim fedora hat with extensive sun protection as they are far more effective than bucket hats. 

Wide Brim Sun Hats for Men

Men who love trekking during the summer months should consider the wide brim sun hats. These wide brim summer hats are extremely effective for different types of outdoor activities.

As these hats feature a wide brim, they can protect your eyes, face, head, neck, and shoulder from the UV rays. Due to their breathability factor, you will never experience discomfort while wearing the wide brim hats. They are also great for beach days. 

But keep in mind that wide brim summer hats for men cannot be paired with formal outfits. This is because these hats are unable to complement suits or tuxedos. Hence, you need to consider causal outfits while wearing the wide brim summer hats. 

As these hats will be exposed to sun rays and other harmful outdoor elements, the maintenance process of these hats is complicated. 


Nothing will prove more effective than the summer hats to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. If you want high-quality and breathable summer fedora hats, make sure you visit our website. 

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