Good business ideas for housewives in India with low cash!!!

Are you a housewife who is looking for good business ideas to start at a low investment? If so, then in this article we have mentioned some Good business ideas for housewives in India with low cash. Today, we all are heading to a progressive society where all the women are at par with men in all respects.

Nowadays, women are more career-oriented, career-minded, competent, and intelligent. However, the rise in women entrepreneurs in India has been become slower as compared to the other countries, but these changes seem inevitable.

All the entrepreneurial abilities of women in the country have begun to impact the economic standing in society. Most of the women entrepreneurs in India are making their mark in various domains of businesses like interior designing, fashion journalism, and many more.

While starting your own business got its own set of risk as most of the women in India remain busy in their home management activities and nurturing their dream of becoming a solopreneur. Some ideas turn out to be vague, while some are too fictitious to be implemented.

Here has been listed some small scale business ideas for housewives in India with low cash:

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Good business ideas for housewives in India with low cash

Good business ideas for housewives in india with low cash

1: Fashion Designing:

There are many businesses that are centered on clothes and jewelry and are favored by most of the women in India. Don’t you love to design your clothes on your own? If yes, then you can start your fashion business today and get paid handsomely by helping your clients and also turn them into fashionistas.

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most money-making small business ideas for women and requires a little investment. You can set up a neat corner of your home as a working studio and start doing your business. You can also get inspired by the success stories of women that usually turn into successful fashion designers and start building their own brand.

Some of the best ideas for fashionistas:

  • Start making Handbags.
  • Create Unique T-shirts.
  • Deal in watches.
  • Be someone’s Personal Stylist.
  • Try to focus on Maternity wear.
  • Open gown rental business.
  • Design Sunglasses.
  • Make your own Wristbands.
  • Make baby clothes.
  • Open an online fashion boutique.
  • Become a fashion consultant and a lot more.

2: Catering Services:

Do you love cooking? Or do you enjoy cooking delicious dishes? Are you only the person who mainly cooks for family and events and on holidays? If so, then it is time to convert your entire passion into profits by starting a home-based catering business.

Catering Services

Try to prepare a menu that you are specialized in or you can contact your local people and ask for a chance to cook for their functions as well as events. These days, you can easily grow your business if you are true and passionate about it.

Some of the best ideas for Catering Services:

  • Event Catering
  • Business catering.
  • Wedding planners.
  • Bakery owners, etc.

3: Photography:

Many people love to do photography as it is one of the professions that is simply driven by passion. If you contain a flair for photography then you can easily make your mark in the field of photography. Today, with the advancement in digital photography you can click some professional photographs with ease and comfort.


Having a good profile on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is all that you need to get your work noticed. The initial investment in the Photography business carries only the equipment cost. The profession of photography turns out to be one of the easiest and equally profitable small business ideas for women today.

4: Event Planner:

Event managers barely spend time in offices and they are best at networking and managing the hundreds of menus, meeting sponsors, scheduling performances, and are mostly available all the time. On that analysis, their demand revolves around the brand image and its popularity. This can be only built with a good online marketing strategy. However, the overall startup cost for building this brand is quite minimal.

Event Planner

Nowadays, celebrations are getting grandeur day by day. Whether it is a birthday party, farewell party, weddings, or some corporate events, people love to splurge on every occasion without being bothered by the hassles. If you love organizing the events at your home front then the role of an event planner comes along its way and the professional is ideal to get started.

As an event planner, you need to be more resourceful and have got the right contacts, and get things organized in a great manner and on a friendly-budget. So why not let your Acquaintances know your new endeavor by simply giving them your best. Also, these business ideas will surely take you to a great place and new heights.

5: Selling products on E-commerce platform:

A big thanks to e-commerce, selling and buying of products can be done from the comforts of your home. Gone are the days when need to step out from your home and get your errands done. With the help of technology, you can get everything just at your fingertips.

Selling products on E-commerce platform

Selling the products online on the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart is the next great way for lucrative small business ideas for women. Online e-commerce sites enable most women to make earnings by displaying their creativity. You can also get vendors for hand-crafted products like candles, soaps, and home-made artifacts. All you just need to display your creativity and get easily paid for your labor as simple as that.

6: Beauty care:

Beauty care is an industry that most women can nail. Women who are indulging in beauty care and can make great entrepreneurs at it themselves. Also, it is a great business opportunity since women know what the customers want from them and thus can deliver the best.

Beauty Care

Following has been defined some of the best beauty care business ideas that women can own:

  • Spa and Salon: Women can make their salons and spa centers. Both the hair and makeup are something that the women are experts at. It is one of the great business opportunities for young women entrepreneurs.
  • Nail art studios: Today, nail art has become hype among all the ladies but it is also true that not everyone is an expert at it. So, if you are, then why not make it as a business.
  • Bridal Make-up studios: Bridal Make-up has also been evolved in these recent years. The women can keep in touch with the entire recent trends and can be the best in this field.

7: Fashion Industry:

Women can give a try to lots of things that come in the Fashion industry like:

  • Boutiques: Today, the clothing industry is booming day by day and several trends have been coming up. Women can ace the fashion game as well as fashion stores as it provides you the best business options for ladies with that sense of trends.
  • Open your fashion label: Next business idea for women to opt for is to design their merchandise and have it out there in the market. Most of the fashion labels need more funding and also need a vast knowledge about the fashion industry and are great business once you have been settled up.

Fashion Industry

  • Bags and Accessories outlet: The accessories like jewelry, belts, shoes, and designer bags can make good sales along with all the clothing lines. Today, the accessory shop is a huge hit among women and can be a good business for earning too.
  • Stitching embroidery work: Women who are little educated can get themselves into stitching or some embroidery business. It is a skill that most women in the rural areas can have and can make good money with it. Embroidery handwork is much valued in the market and the person can make a good amount of money when selling it online.

8: Online Fitness Instructors:

There is no doubt that the world is looking to get fit. While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit a gym or to join a fitness class so the idea of a fitness instructor is great as it will help people to get in shape and are more appealing for them. Thus, the people who are looking to launch a business in online fitness can spend their money on maintaining a strong online presence through their websites as well as social media pages.

Online Fitness Instructors

9: Tour guide:

Are you a control freak when it comes to traveling? Or do you love planning out an itinerary, or scouting the internet for hours for getting the history of a heritage site mugged up?  If so, then you should be looking into opening a tour-guide business, where the group of travelers can ask you to make the arrangements for the trip and also guide them through it.

Tour Guide

Since all the business can be carried through the internet, so there is no start-up cost that you need to worry about or maintaining a travel guide website for your clients.

10: Gift Baskets:

Well, organizing gift baskets can be delightful and a craft business idea for housewives. If you possess a creative streak and love to style things then you might consider curating gift baskets for others. It has been found that most people suffer a great loss for ideas of gifting on important occasions like Birthday events, anniversaries, promotions, Valentine’s Day, and other special events.

Gift Basket

During the festival season like Diwali, Christmas, or some other big festival the exclusive gift baskets are always in high demand. Thus, the sale opportunity can be countless. Therefore, you can create your inventiveness to create customized gift baskets as per the event. Moreover, you can also add some personalized notes to make your gift baskets unique as well as extra special.

11: Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the current rage where the individuals can make a decent profile by selling the other trader’s products and services. Also, you need to set up a store for such types of products. All you need is an internet connection and a PayPal account that will help you get started.

You can do this business by registering for free in the Affiliate Marketing program. Some of the popular places can be Amazon, Flipkart, etc. There you can formulate different marketing strategies and can earn a great commission on every scale.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing only works by leveraging on your website traffic to market another business. It evolves advertising other websites on your respective website. These advert materials can often contain links to the websites that you are marketing and thus you can earn a great commission for every purchase that is made by a link from your website.

These were some of the good business ideas for housewives in India with low cash.

Which type of business is best for ladies in India?

Today online business for women has skyrocketed and big thanks go to the Internet. Nowadays, it is possible for every woman to earn a big amount of penny and can be successful on their terms. Moreover, they can buy the tools which they need online. In the above article, we have mentioned 11 good business ideas for housewives in India with low income that can be started in the comfort of your home.

Women who are looking forward to starting their own home business first need to have a good idea about how they can start running a business. While carrying out a business from home is much easier, convenient, and can have a low-investment. In this blog, you can get some Indian housewife business ideas for running a successful business.

India is moving ahead in so many ways-Women whether at home or office are intelligent, confident, and career-focused. Most of the women have become successful entrepreneurs too and some are successfully running their own home business from home. Due to this reason why business for housewives in India has become attractive to people as they can earn extra cash income and require minimal investment to begin selling. Making money in this way is simpler for house-wives and even college students. This begins with selling in the simplest ways and here are some more small scale business ideas for housewives in India that you can work on :

1: Open an online gift store.

2: Sell handicrafts online.

3: Sell traditional sarees or clothes.

4: Open a corporate jewelry shop.

5: Sell paintings or modern art at auctions.

6: Try to become a freelance writer.

7: Open daycare for kids.

8: Open a Bakery shop.

9: Serve a hot meal.

10: Open a fashion Boutique.

Needless to say, only motivated and confident women don’t worry about any of the challenges that come their way. Some of these women can have expert legal advice, financial guidance and grew their home-based businesses.

Thus, they can earn a large ROI which will increase the business revenues. It is also a fact, that women can also motivate other women too to start their own home business. Some women entrepreneurs support their financial needs and can also contribute to India’s growing economy.

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