How to Become a Lorry Driver?

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Benefits of enhancing your skills

If you are wondering about a career change or want advancement in your career, you need to understand what type of jobs and other aspects are related to driving in different regions like Driving Jobs Berkshire. These aspects will be based on your choosing criteria. This is the first step in growing your professional career in terms of driving. A driving career generally includes moving the goods and services carried in the vehicle from one place to another. These goods and services vary according to the order and in which type of vehicle you are carrying these goods. Lorry drivers are considered the most important part of the transportation industry as they perform very high deliveries within time boundaries. 

Becoming a professional in terms of driving needs a lot of potential work with long working hours which are usually indefinite. But the exposure this field gives you is something that will be helpful to you in the long term. With the high demand for HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers in different locations, they can also grow their professional careers easily and more effectively. Increasing demand can help you grow faster, so this can be the right time to get qualified for the same.

The process to become a lorry driver is defined which includes various things with it. These are HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Driver Training, HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Driver test, and then the other documentation that is needed in the process to get an HGV licence which is the first step for being an HGV driver. 

Read more and get to know about the various aspects of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Driver. You can also check How to become a HGV driver? for a better understanding of the transportation industry. This way you will get detailed information about all aspects related to heavy vehicle driving.

Qualifications You require for being a Lorry Driver

To become an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)driver, you must hold a complete driving licence and should be over the age of 18 years for legal driving of the HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles). If you are having a car licence, then you can go for various training and tests as discussed above to get qualified for being a Lorry Driver. There are various steps which are to be followed for being a Lorry driver. Some of these are listed below for your reference.

  1. The first step is you need to apply for a provisional lorry driving licence which needs a D4 medical form in addition.
  2. Further, you need to pass a theory and practical test to obtain a lorry driving licence which enables you to drive heavy rigid vehicles safely and legally.
  3. The other important thing that is important in terms of HGV driving is CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).
  4. The next important step that is to be managed properly is the types of HGV licences. You must go with the type of licence which you are interested in or which type of vehicle you wish to drive. 
  5. As licences hold different categories as per the requirements of the vehicle and the transportation industry. These range from a different set of categories which are: Cat C1 which ranges from 3500 and 7500kg with a trailer up to 750kg, and a Cat C1+E with a vehicle over 3500kg with a trailer weighing over 750kg.

Key Characteristics related to Lorry Driving

There are different characteristics associated with lorry driving as these are the rigid and heavy vehicles that need proper management and smooth going things to ensure peaceful driving. Some of the important characteristics that are to be associated with lorry driving to have safe and good driving experiences are as follows:

  1. The person opting for lorry driving should have the ability to focus for long durations as per the requirements of the deliveries.
  2. The person should be able to drive at any point in time effectively whether in the daytime or the nighttime. 
  3. One should be able to complete the paperwork as assigned by the officials before the delivery only. So that there are no conflicts and confusions at the time of delivery.
  4. Individuals should have a sense of good interpersonal skills because the transportation industry is growing at such a faster pace and needs good communications skills during the time of deliveries.
  5. It is to be ensured that the person has a good sense of safety-related issues and should have appropriate knowledge of the vehicles they are driving to ensure safety on the roads.
  6. The major part which is needed in any industry and also majorly needed in the transportation industry is the independent behavior of the drivers. Drivers should be able to work independently as per the requirements of the industry and delivery channels. The person should be able to work out all the problems independently.

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