How to Celebrate International Women’s Day at Work 2021?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March each year across the globe. On this day we celebrate the social, economic, and political achievement of women.

International Women’s Day can be celebrated in several different ways like large global gatherings, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, corporate events, online digital gatherings, and many more. Events can be done by many types of groups and it includes women’s networks, corporations, charities, educational institutions, political parties, and the media.

Here has been listed some ways of How to celebrate International Women’s day at work:

How to Celebrate International Women’s Day at Work 2021

How to celebrate international women's day at work

1: Say Thank you

The simplest way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to encourage your employees to thank all women who have made a great impact on their lives. Whether these are their colleagues, customers, or partners you need to thank every woman whom you have inspired from. You can assemble the thank you in the form of a speech, video so that the community gets involved and follow your lead.

Say Thank you

You must have heard that Gratitude is contagious, so giving it to the people is an easy way to recognize amazing women in their lives and try to create a significant amount of inspiration as well as conversation in your company.

2: Decorate the Office

Sometimes the journey becomes the destination. Well, how about building the excitement day to the big day where everyone gets involved in it. Apart from outsourcing the work you can put up buntings, balloons, banners, and a lot more decorative things that will make women smile all day long.

Decorate the office - how to celebrate international women's day at work

You can also break-up employees into smaller teams and give them equal responsibilities to decorate the office. But don’t forget to include the display posters and document stories of inspirational women as a part of this.

3: Announce Dress code color of the day

You need to encourage every member of your office team to turn up wearing a beautiful shade of pink or purple dress-codes. Colors bring a lot of happiness in everything that we do and of course what’s the better way to show solidarity with all the women in the office. You need to also include senior management of your company to turn up in the same color on International Women’s Day.

Announce Dress Code Color of the Day

4: Thoughtful Gifting Ideas

Undoubtedly, everyone loves gifts, even though they are on the corporate ladder. On International Women’s Day, you should gift each woman in the office with a bouquet, a card, and chocolate to make them feel special. Moreover, you could also surprise them with gift vouchers for a dinner with family at some restaurants or take them shopping or at a boutique.

Thoughtful Gifting Ideas

5: Hold a Talent Show

Try to encourage the women of your organization to showcase some of their hidden talents. Some women must have been a singer, a storyteller in your midst and you never have known about this information.

Hold a Talent Show

We are always been surrounded by superwomen who always try to manage to host responsibilities all at once with being super-talented. Thus, sometimes a stage is all that they might want or need. So, go ahead and give them a surprise on this International Women’s Day.

6: Celebrate International Women’s Day with enthusiasm:

We all know that impactful changes don’t get happen overnight. However, this doesn’t mean that you should pass International Women’s Day without knowing what it should represent.

Celebrate Women's Day with enthusiasm - how to celebrate international women's day at work

Below has been defined few ideas of how to show support to Women at the office:

  • Celebrate this day at work:

If you have adequate time to plan, then you can create a whole day in the office around International’s women day. You can bring speakers to address all gender-focused issues, sponsor your employees to attend women’s events. Talk to your CEO to give a presentation on what your company is doing to raise women in the workplace.

  • Equal work, equal pay:

Do you know that it is illegal to pay somebody less for doing the same work as a colleague? Well, that’s right and also it is mutually exclusive to gender discrimination. There are the majority of women who don’t get paid an equal salary for doing work of equal value. Thus, it is not a great balance for the workplace and also can foster ill-feeling amongst staff.

Therefore, there should be an equal and transparent pay scale for every employee whether it is men or women. So, it is advisable to pay salaries based on the people work and you will surely find the great environment culture at your workplace.

7: Dancing Program

On International Women’s Day why not give a try to an activity that has proven to provide both physical and mental benefits. Why not improve your employee morale, productivity, and teamwork? Here we are talking about the dancing activity. Dancing helps in releasing endorphins and also encourages bonding. You get both joy and freedom by having this activity in your organization. In addition to it, it provides a great medium to enhance confidence and cohesiveness at the same time. So, give a try to this happy feet Challenge!

Dancing program

8: Team Outing

Nothing gives a more special feeling than arranging a team meeting for your office women. But you need to plan it meticulously for making the day special. Moreover, you could also choose the activities that challenge the norms about what women can do or what they cannot. You can also arrange a stand-up comedy evening for women. Or you can get an inspirational motivational speaker that shares her experience with you.

Team Outing

9: Honor Them

You can honor women employees in your organization by profiling them on the company’s web-page and highlighting them for their exemplary dedication regarding the job. Moreover, you can also hold an award ceremony and distribute the prizes to all the women achievers in your organization.

Honor Them - How to celebrate international women's day at work

These were some of the best ways to celebrate International Women’s Day at Work.

Conclusion:  International Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March and can be celebrated beyond the above activities. Also, it can be used as an avenue to raise awareness regarding the issues that women employees face at the workplace or some other places. Women need to be the biggest cheerleaders and supporters for each other.

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