These Are The Reasons Why You Are Afraid That Your Partner Will Cheat On You

These Are The Reasons Why You Are Afraid That Your Partner Will Cheat On You

Worrying about infidelity is something that happens in many relationships. You live in fear of infidelity. You cut your hand that it is a matter of time before it happens to you and you search, you search until you find something that confirms this belief of yours.

A recent small study of straight couples published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships concluded: We feel attracted to other people and we promote our partner.

In other words, you blame the other person for what you do. “People who have believed or would like to do so, project this thought on their partner. And the end result is usually the realization of this thought “, explains the clinical psychologist Dr. Paul DePompo. As the result; We feel less guilty about ourselves. But let’s take the causes one by one.

You believed in the past (and you are sure it will deceive you)

If you’ve done it, you do not need a clue to suspect your partner. You’ve done it or you do it during the relationship and you need something to feel better about yourself. “But there is nothing that cannot be solved. A couple can talk and heal their wounds, as long as there is love, acceptance and trust. And if you need it, ask for the help of a specialist “, informs the psychotherapist Emily Pfannenstiel. So it is not necessary that the other person will cheat on you.

You do not trust in general

Past life experiences, whether from friends, relationships, or parents, have led you to today. These experiences shape adult life and make us see others through this perspective. Regaining trust takes time and requires work on your part.

You think you do not deserve love

When you do not think you deserve to be loved, you will find reasons in the relationship to confirm it (even when they do not exist). The point here is to recognize what you feel so that you can communicate it to your partner as well. Do not forget that it all starts with us and how we handle every situation. Or emotion.

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