How to craft compelling Copy Writing?

“A copywriter is the one who creates magic in their words”

The term Copywriting is the technique of preparing sales-oriented copies. It helps the business to increase brand awareness. A copywriter is an expert in leveraging the power of words. It convinces the user to take action in the favor of business.

The copywriters are highly skilled individuals whose aim is to craft compelling content in front of the targeted audience. They usually write  trending blogs articles, social media content, the script for video testimonials, brochures, etc. Thus, copywriting is about giving something valuable to the readers.

The information about a particular product, service is mainly crafted by a copywriter. Also, the information should be more concise, catchy, and more creative. The more the customers can relate to the content, the higher will be chances that they will make a purchase.

Let’s understand the term of copywriting with the help of example:

Suppose you want to buy headphones and are confused in between the three brands. You go for a Google and search for its product description of each brand. And then start comparing them with each other.

  • Brand X: “Get best quality of headphones at a reasonable price. It’s suitable for both the Android and iOS devices”.
  • Brand Y: “Ultra-lightweight headphone provides maximum comfort to ears. It usually contains the best sound quality with amazing features in it. Comes with powerful bass up-to 5 years of warranty and rated as the best headphone thrice in a row. It supports both iOS and Android devices and has free shipping on it.
  • Brand Z: Choose modern range of headphones and enjoy listen to the music. The best headphone you can ever buy and offers the best sound quality. Our headphones are only made with the best material and give maximum pleasure to you.

Well, after reading all the above product descriptions of each of the three brands, which brand you will more likely to choose?

If your answer is for Brand Y product description then you are not alone. Most of the people are going to choose (Brand Y) because the copywriting skills of the product are powerful and exceptional. Usually, this product gives the buyer lots of information. The best part about this product description is it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. And this is what copywriting is.

Behind every successful business, there is a demand of “Copywriting”

Let’s take some another example of Copywriting:

Suppose your wish is to buy a birthday cake for your child. And you came over two different shops- Company A and Company B.

The slogan of “Company A” is: Mr. Ram Cake “Made from Milk”

The slogan of “Company B”: Mr. Sham Cake- “Made from real milk enriched in dark chocolates, peanuts, and healthy dry fruits” Lovable to you and your family.

It can easily guess which cake will you bought for your children? Yes, you are right the people preferable will choose Company B. The slogan of Company B does the job of educating the buyer and persuades them to buy the product. This is the power of Copywriting.

Being a copywriter, there is a need to get into the minds of a reader. Remember that Advertising is incomplete without Copywriting.

Copywriting can be defined in several kinds:

1: Offline Advertisements: These advertisements can be seen in Newspapers, Radio, Television, Magazine, etc.

2: Online Advertisements: It can be displayed in search engines, e-mails, Websites, and social media platforms.

3: Online Content: This type of article you will read in the form of articles, blogs.

What are the responsibilities of a copywriter?

Being a Digital marketer your entire company is built on how your business succeeds. It’s important to give some insights into how to write the best copy for your business.

The copywriter’s job is to gather all the information from various sources of fields. There is a need to create a copy that delivers the marketing message in an engaged and creative way.

Let’s have a look at the responsibility of copywriter:

1: Understand the client’s needs: Every copywriter must understand all the needs of clients. Moreover, it should be regarded with products and content promotion. Thus, it allows the copywriter to write accordingly.

2: Do research well: Before writing for any kind of product or content copywriters have to perform the research well. This includes everything either from interviewing the company’s employees or doing market research. Before writing any content get a brief idea of whom you are going to target.

3: Create new writing: The main objective of a copywriter is to write attention-grabbing, compelling, and engaging content that sells the products and services. The copywriters are the one who encourages the users to take certain actions. They must be able to produce distinct types of copy like articles, blog posts, web pages, press releases, and much more.

4: Adopt a new form of writing skills: There is a need to adopt a new form of writing skills and must write the content from a different point of view. For instance, you can write a blog for promoting some particular product as well as do the same advertising copy for promoting it. Therefore, both the copies can be in similar styles and viewpoints.

5: Editing: One of the most important responsibilities of a copywriter is to proofread or edit the content well. Once you are done in completing the copywriting then you need to make sure there contains no error in it. Besides, you are also expected to edit the copy based on the feedback of clients.

6: Using strategies to making content: The main responsibility of a copywriter is just not only limited to writing content. Most of the companies are expected to assist with marketing strategies. Thus, it helps in developing a successful ad campaign.

7: Create new slogans: Every copywriter needs to come with creative phrases and slogans for services and products. Also, they need to explain both the slogan and phrases in a way that they are best suited for products.

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