How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Are you feeling trouble in losing weight? Or would you like to lose your weight faster? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Our main conventional idea of weight loss is to eat less and move more. Reducing weight can usually require a lot of will power. Performing a daily routine of exercises and trying to ignore hunger might be a difficult task. Therefore, weight loss is not as easy as you think of.

Well, two weeks does not seem enough to drop your weight but some steps can handle the unwanted kilograms in a short period.

Here are some effective ways that will help in losing weight and belly fat in 2 weeks:

How to Lose Weight and Belly Fat fast in 2 weeks?

1: Eat fewer carbs but lean more proteins:

There are numerous diet options and most of the diet promotes low-calorie intake. Thus, it’s a quite simple way of dropping unwanted kilos. If you eat fewer calories than you can easily burn off your weight. The best way to reduce calories is to perform a strict low- carb diet. Remember that your body converts unused carbs into stored fat. Thus, it is important to consume more proteins. By doing this activity you can boost daily calorie consumption.

Eat fewer carbs but have more proteins

2: Low fat and low carb=Starvation:

Avoiding both carbs, as well as fat, can result in hunger. Whether it might be sooner or later the people cannot stand on to it and give up. Hence the solution is to eat more natural fat until you get satisfied. Try to eat enough so that you feel satisfied and especially at the beginning of your weight-loss process. For instance, eat natural fats like:

• Butter
• Eggs
• Full fat cream
• Fatty fish.
• Make use of olive oil in vegetables, etc.

Low fat and low carb starvation

3: Avoid Eating Junk foods:

Eating junk food is not a healthy treatment for weight loss. Consuming junk can make your body fatigue, tired, and fattier so it’s better to avoid junk. These foods contain tons of calories and fatty acids. If you are looking to lose weight then say no to junk food.

Avoid Eating junk food

4: Take the bloat away:

Weight gain is more often caused by water weight. So by getting rid of it use the following tips:

• Drink as much coffee and tea.
• Try to avoid all salty and starchy foods.
• You should know which foods you may be more tolerant of.

Take the Bloat Away

5: Limit unnecessary snacks:

Consuming unnecessary snacks can cause a problem with the keto diet. There are most of the things that are easy to eat due to their taste. But you need to have control over consuming unnecessary snacks.

Limit unnecessary snacks

6: Dairy Products:

Dairy products like ice-cream and cheese work well in cooking and can easily satisfy you. But the problem arises when you are eating a lot of cheese without being hungry. So, try to be a bit careful with that. Another problem that can occur is- due to ice-creams and desserts when the person is already full and keep on eating it can result in fats. Thus it becomes essential to have control over it.

Dairy Products

7: Nuts:

It is very easy to eat nuts until you become full. As per the study, it has been shown that salted nuts are harder to stop as compare to unsalted nuts. The salted nuts can tempt you more. So avoid bringing the packet to the couch. Choose a small bowl instead of it.


8: Low-carb baking:

If you are only using almond flours for baked goods and cookies then it provides additional eating when you are not hungry. Thus, it helps to slow down your body fat.

Low Carb Baking

9: Effects of Weight Training:

Both the exercise and diet must go hand-in-hand. It also ensures weight loss and helps in improving health. The resistance training should get combined with cardio exercises. It helps your body to burn fat and thus you can gain lean muscle mass.

Weight Training

When you have more lean muscle mass then your body will continue touching the fat and keep tissues alive. Thus, your body uses more energy throughout the day and keeps your mass alive. Also, it gives you a free calorie burning process.

10: Eat plenty of fiber:

The dietary fiber describes the plant-based carbohydrates. Also, it is not possible to digest it in a small intestine, unlike sugar and starch. While including numerous fibers in the diet you can potentially decrease your weight loss.

The fiber enriches foods are:

• Whole grain breakfast cereals, wheat-pasta, bread oats.
• Fruits and vegetables.
• Pulses, peas, and beans
• Nuts and seeds.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

11: Eat protein for breakfast:

Proteins can help in regulating your appetite hormones and help people to feel full. This can decrease your hunger hormone and give rise to hormone peptide. It has been demonstrated that eating a high-protein breakfast can help in fat burning and lasts for several hours. The Good choices for a high-protein breakfast involve eggs, oats, nuts, peanut butter, and seed pudding.

Eat Protein for Breakfast

12: Perform Yoga on losing weight:

Performing Yoga early in the morning gives the best way to lose weight. Today the new form of yoga has been introduced as Power Yoga and it has gained popularity all over the world. And this is because the power yoga provides the whole body workout. It helps in increasing your body flexibility, strengthening in building functional body movements. Power yoga has the beneficial properties of aerobics and cardio session.

Perform Yoga

13: Herbs for weight loss:

Most of the researches have shown that using herbs can potentially increase your metabolism. It can further aid in the weight management process. Both herbs and spices can improve the quality of the diet. You can add black pepper, cumin in your diet as these are best known for weight loss treatment.

Herbs for weight loss

14: Keep yourself moving:

Here are some more common ways that help in reducing the extra calories like:
• Take the stairs instead of a lift or escalator.
• Have 10-30 minutes of the walk during your walk breaks.
• Use standing desks instead of some chairs or any other sitting material.

Keep yourself moving

Bottom line: Well, it is important to remember- there comes to no quick fix when talking about weight loss treatment. The best way is to reach and maintain a good and healthy weight by eating dietary and balanced foods. The food should include different fruit and vegetables and good-quality protein. It also provides benefits to living a healthy lifestyle.

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