How To Organise Your Makeup

How To Organise Your Makeup

Whether your cosmetics collection is large or small, keeping it organised and accessible can be a challenge. 

Fortunately, you will find a plenitude of options for storing makeup either on your countertop or in a drawer. 

Streamline your beauty routine by getting your collection of makeup in order with these easy ways.  

1. Take Stock Of Your Collection 

First go through all your makeup, cosmetics and skirmishes. Remove anything that is broken or past their prime. 

Look for the time limit indicated on the package. It’ll either say 3M,6M,M or 12M. Believe it or not, you should discard all makeup after a time, especially makeup and liquid eyeliner,r as these can harbour dangerous bacteria.  

2. Sort & Separate 

Sort your cosmetics by order. It makes sense for many people to separate their everyday makeup from that used to create special occasions or evening looks.

This will help you determine whether you want to keep your makeup in a countertop organiser or store it in a drawer. 

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3. Choose Your Organizers

Still, you will want to make use of your perpendicular space by using organisers that stack if you are storing your makeup on the countertop. 

This allows you to generate a custom result. To keep everything accessible, raise your desk by stacking modular organisers with drawers on the bottom.  

4. Light It Up.

Eventually, turn your area into a true makeup station by adding a lighted makeup glass. You will be amazed at what a difference it makes to put on makeup under good lighting. 

Not to mention how handy it’s to have a glass that magnifies and can be acclimated to the perfect angle.  

5. File makeup like papers

Desk organisers are the ultimate vanity association stations. This storage item, traditionally used for filing paperwork, features four different drawers that are aplenty big for all your rudiments.  

6. Use an ice cube tray

Still, you presumably have jars and jars of colours to sift through every day — unless you line up by shade in an ice cube tray, if you prefer to buy your eyeshadows in individual tones (versus a big palette). 

These silicone trays will fit everything you need, and they are so easy to wash if effects get in.

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