How to Start a Weight Loss Blog in 2021

How to start a weight loss blog 2021

Nowadays, a weight loss diet has become a big concern for many people and it is often the priority in their fitness plan. Although, weight loss is not much easy as it requires discipline, effort, and patience. Thus, it can be achieved by a healthy lifestyle that includes the right diet as well as regular physical activity.

Most people have the misconception that a weight-loss diet requires drastic diets like intermittent fasting, keto diet, or health supplements like medicine or pills. However, this is completely wrong as one should require a balanced diet with the right proportions.

Some steps to start a weight loss blog:

1: There is no doubt, that weight loss is a massive step to take. But starting a weight loss blog will allow you to carve out a little nice for yourself. Both health and fitness play a big part in our lives and there are a lot of people who deal with a wide variety of weight issues on a daily issue.

Thus, if you carry some information or experience that helps others on their journey to achieve their weight-loss goals then a weight-loss blog is a perfect platform for you to share what you know.

2: It will also help you to reach towards huge audience online and it provides a great way to show others your point of view. As well as you can document your journey or experience what things worked for you.

3: A blog will also help you to connect with other like-minded individuals and can create a community and followers to whom you can recommend the methods or products to help them in reaching their goals.

8 Methods to start a Weight Loss Blog

Method 1: Decide your Focus for the weight-loss blog:

Your first step to start a weight loss blog is you have to decide the focus or direction of your blog. However, it is not enough to simply create a generic blog about weight loss. Try to position your blog in such a way that it shows your strength and gives you the best chance at building an audience. After that transform your blog into a thriving business.

Also, there are various routes that you need to take with your weight-loss blog such as:

  • Weight-loss Reviews: Your blog should be only focussing on reviewing the different types of weight-loss methods that are ideal for different segments of your audience.
  • Weight-loss Product recommendations: You can make use of your blog in such a way so that you can share information on weight-loss products.
  • Provide news about Weight-loss: You can make use of your blog as a platform in order to share your industry news, weight loss trends, research, or the science behind weight loss.
  • Talk about your weight-loss journey: However, if you have successfully managed your weight-loss treatment then a blog is a perfect way to help your document or your story of weight loss.

Method 2nd: Choose weight-loss niche wisely:

Once you have decided on the focus of your blog then it is time to choose your niche. As has been previously mentioned that you cannot simply create a blog about losing weight. All you need to choose a niche or a subtopic within the broad industry so that you further focus on your content creation.

Here we have listed below some options for weight loss niche to help you in getting through the process:

  • Specific Diets: In specific diets, you can choose a niche like intermittent fasting, Paleo diet, calorie-specific diet, etc.
  • Specific Workout Regimens: Your niche should only focus on creating a specific weight-loss workout regimen in order to cater to different types of people.
  • Weight Loss for Women: Your niche can be weight-loss for either men or women. Or you can also choose a specific age that you usually want to focus on.
  • How to Lose Belly Fat: A blog that focuses on the fat areas like the belly, hips, etc can surely find enthusiastic followers as most people are searching for solutions to help them in losing weight in these problem areas.
  • Weight-loss Pills and Supplements: The weight-loss niche has grown so vast and people have to drill down to find sub-niche topics to blog.
  • Weight-loss Teas and Detoxes: At present, there are dozens of teas and detoxes for weight loss and thus you need to focus on all of them in your blog.

One of the best things about weight loss is that it is large, evergreen and it is an ever-profitable industry. Besides, it is super-competitive and when choosing the right niche will help you to climb your way up the search engine rankings.

All you just need to choose a niche that is not a fad in weight loss. Remember that the niche you choose should choose to be small enough and you are not directly competing against larger authority domains. You need to be broad enough so that you can build an audience of engaged blog followers.

Whenever you find these crannies of the massive industry then it becomes more likely that your new weight loss blog will be a success and once you have found a niche that you like then it is time to move on to choosing your blogging platform.

Method 3: Choose Blogging Platforms:

Before you begin creating content on your blog, first you should need to have a blogging platform. A blogging platform is software that allows your blog to be visible online. However, you can choose a free blogging platform or a premium one.

The free blogging platforms include Wix, Blogger and Squarespace, and many others. So, before you reach for the free platforms then it is important to know that they come with some drawbacks.

Method 4: Decide your Domain Name:

You need to remember that your domain name is simply the name of your weight loss blog. It is basically a URL or address on the Internet that visitors will mainly type into their browsers so that they come to your blog.

However, if the name of your blog “Diet Meal plans” then your domain name should be “Diet Meal”. Your domain name doesn’t need to be the same as your blog name.

But it helps you if you use the same name so that it keeps things consistent and thus avoids confusing your blog visitors. When choosing a domain name, you don’t need to be complicated as you simply need to come up with a name that is short, unique, memorable, and relevant to your audience to your niche.

Method 5: Buy Domain name and Hosting:

Once you have decided the name of your blog then your next step is to purchase the domain name and your preferred website hosting platform. However, if your domain name is similar to your blog address on the internet then the hosting can be linked to the real estate on which you can build your blog home.

Moreover, you rent the space from web-hosts who provide you the service that allows your blog to be visible online. They also host your blog on their servers and it also ensures that you are online for your audience at all times.

Method 6: Choose and install the theme for your weight-loss blog:

A website theme is basically software that dictates the way your website or blog looks. It creates the design as well as the layout of your blog pages without having to learn any HTML code.

Sometimes this also makes it easy for you to change and customize your blog’s design elements like colors, fonts, images, etc. It means that you can make your blog look exactly the way you want without having any coding knowledge or experience.

Also, there are free themes as well as premium themes when it comes to choosing a theme. However, you must choose a quality theme and this will also help you to build a professional-looking website.

Method 7: Create Essential pages and Logos:

As you have found and installed a theme then it is time to get started to create your blog’s essential pages. These include About, Contact, and privacy policy pages. The page is certainly the best thing from which the audience knows who you are, what you do, and why should they listen to you.

Method 8: Promote your weight-loss blog:

All your family and friends will support you with your new blog. As soon as it’s life you need to share your blog with either your friends and relatives and ask them to visit your blog and read your content.

You need to encourage them so that they can share your blog with their friends on social media and other places. In this way, you can get more eyeballs on your content.

Today, social media has become a powerful tool for marketing your weight loss blog. So, if you are not on social media, then you need to create pages for your blog and start posting your content there.

There is no need to be active on every single platform but you need to choose the ones where your target audience hangs out the most and start over there.

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