10 Things to Think About Before Leaving Your Winter Cabin

10 Things to Think About Before Leaving Your Winter Cabin

Winter cabins or homes are the perfect winter getaway for many people. During those cold winter nights, gathering around the fireplace, cooking, and spending time with friends and family is simply great time for everyone. However, owning and maintaining a winter cabin is associated with more than just having fun. As a property winter cabins and homes must undergo a set of processes whenever the owners decide to leave. Thus, in this article, we are going to talk about 10 things you must consider when leaving your winter cabin. 

Understanding the Maintenance Process 

As mentioned, there are a number of things that must be looked after prior to leaving your cabin. The reasons cover a wide range of maintenance and safety issues that have been put in place with the aim of ensuring that your winter cabin is safe and sound while you are away. This process is better known as the winterization process and is implemented each time the owners of a winter cabin or home are left vacant.

What does the Process of Winterization Include?

The process of winterization ensures that vacant winter homes or cabins are safe and secure from possible threats when vacant. As such, the following list presents ten things that must be addressed prior to leaving a winter home vacant for extended periods of time:

  • Make your property appear as if it’s being used – This can be achieved by having someone clean away the snow from the driveway, putting in place motion-sensitive lights, and setting a timer so that they are always on during specific times. 
  • Protect your home from being looted – This can be achieved by setting up an alarm system, securing doors, windows, and other possible entry points, and not keeping valuable items in the winter home
  • Avoid and prevent water damage – This can be achieved by turning the water supply completely off whenever the winter cabin is left vacant. This way potential pipe bursts and leakages are prevented. However, if the cabin is protected from fire by a sprinkler system, ensure the water supply is not cut off for that system. 
  • Keep the winter cabin and its plumbing system warm – If you decide to not cut off the water supply, then you must ensure that the overall temperature of the winter cabin is warm so that the piping system does not freeze. 
  • Winter maintenance – It is important to perform a winter maintenance process before leaving. This includes inspecting the heating system and performing insulation checks that address specific parts of the cabin. 
  • Utilize insurance packages – It is important to have your winter cabin insured in case of any natural disasters that cannot be prevented such as flooding or avalanches. 
  • Prepare for emergencies – This entails informing the local institutions that the property is going to be vacant. Moreover, certain actions such as installing smoke detectors are recommended. 
  • Prepare against pests – This is achieved by cleaning and drying refrigerators and closing potential entry points for animals
  • Supplies and equipment – Ensure that you always have a set of tools and equipment in the winter cabin
  • Winter safety measures – Ensure trim trees, keep gutters clear of leaves, and fix any broken wooden steps

Who can Help During this Process?

Obviously, maintaining a winter cabin requires a lot of care and attention. However, the owners might not always be available to complete all of these tasks. Thus, many winter homeowners have begun to employ property management companies that specialize in maintenance. Such companies take care of all the above-mentioned details and ensure the owners of sound and secure winter homes. 

Key Takeaways 

Owning a winter cabin means that you have a getaway spot just to yourself. However, this advantage also comes with a number of responsibilities that must be addressed adequately in order to have the best winter vacation experience. All in all, if the above-mentioned details are abided by, your winter home will be up to par with the standards for winter safety measures, and you can get back to enjoying it whenever you decide to return back for a retreat from the dynamic of the everyday world duties and activities.

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