Guide: If A Resident Visa Does Not Get Approved in Australia?

If A Resident Visa Does Not Get Approved in Australia?

If your Resident Return visa application does not get approved, you can consider it applying again for another PR visa. Australia Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh will help you to get the visa. Any family members who are permanent residents who travel outside of Australia will need to apply for their own Resident Return visa.

Within 21 days from the day of visa application rejection, you can apply again for the PR visa in Australia. Most of the time when your visa application gets rejected you can have another chance to apply for another visa. This is completely based on the case of the individual situation.

It Is Possible to reapply Australian visa after getting refused. In most cases, you may be able to immigrate legally by selecting a different kind of Australian visa. Well, you may require to appeal it by the decision of the home affairs department.

The reason your visa may be canceled:

  • Non-compliant with visa condition.
  • You should meet the character requirements.
  • If you gave any false information.

If your visa gets canceled due to your character, then you can apply for a protection visa. If you are removed from Australia on the basis of your character then you have to reapply for another visa and prove to get a character clearance.

If your Resident Return visa application does not get approved in Australia, you should have to apply it again for another permanent visa. They are a Former Resident visa, a family visa, or a skilled visa. You will be provided some information about your merit review and eligibility processes.

There are a number of places where non-Australian residents can apply for an Australian visa. A most accessible source would be the Australian embassies located in several countries around the globe. Other sources include High Commissions and Consulates, travel agents, and airlines.

Types of Australian Visa:

There are four types of Australian visas. The first is electronic travel authority or ETA visa. This is stored electronically that permits to stay in Australia for a minimal amount of time. This is applicable for tourism and business purposes and it’s free of Govt charges. The second one is a tourist visa. It’s valid for a year. It allows Australian travelers with minimum 3 months of stay per travel.

For people who wish to do business in Australia, business visas are also available. The duration of stay in Australia for business visas depends on the agreement with the Australian visa office. It’s valid for five years.

Temporary visas are also available. It’s available for the people who want to go to Australia to do some special activities such as sports competitions, entertainment activities, for company assignments, etc. Those who search for temporary residence in Australia need to sponsor by the Australian Organization Company.

The duration of the stay signifies in the visa clearly. When the visa is going to get expire but the owner wants to stay for a longer time, then they should contact the Multicultural affairs office in Australia. If anyone will violate it serious penalty may be imposed on them.


So if your visa does not get approved in Australia, you should always take proper guidance from the consultancy. Immigration consultants in Chandigarh are there to help you if you face this kind of situation. Hence, you don’t have to worry about visa cancellation; the consultant will help you with all the possible ways to get your visa for you.

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