Responsibilities of a HGV Driver


To guarantee that you comply with your legal HGV Driver Responsibilities, you should be armed with basic information about drivers’ hours, vehicle conditions, and driver responsibilities. Majorly it is also said that HGV Driver Training London can assist you to learn various aspects of HGV Driving.

A fixed penalty, a graded deposit, or a court summons could be imposed if drivers do not adhere to the hours and driving limits. A person who aspires to drive larger vehicles must first complete professional HGV Driver Training London in order to gain superior, safe, and legal driving experience.

What is the Recorded data?

  • Vehicle registration 
  • Date
  • Details of the defects
  • Defect Assessment
  • Name.
  • To whom it was reported 

Inside Vehicle Checks

 Mirrors and glass

Check out that the windscreen is not 

  • Cracked
  • Scratched
  • Discolored

Check to see if all of the mirrors are in position.

Check that a camera system is being utilized instead of a mirror and that the view is proper.

Windscreen Wipers and Washers

A person should always try to ensure that the windscreen wipers work appropriately. Additionally, you also need to make sure that the windscreen washer is working. A person who wishes to drive the vehicles that are larger in size than it is firstly required to undergo proper HGV Driver Training London to have better that is safe as well as the legal driving experiences

Dashboard warning lights and gauges

Check out the working:

  • Instruments
  • Gauges
  • Warning lights generally include engine warning, emissions system, Anti-Lock braking System (ABS) and Electronic Braking System (EBS).


Check that the steering wheel:

  • Moves properly 
  • Power-assisted steering works correctly.
  • There is no excessive play.
  • Do not jam
  • No excessive lift in the steering column.


Check that the horn is working and it should be easily accessible from the driver’s seat. 


  • Seatbelts should not have any cuts, damage or fraying 
  • You should always try to be secure when you plug them in.
  • Retracting against when fitted, and should fully retract when you are taking them off.

Vehicle Exterior Checks

Fuel leaks

You need to check out that the fuel filler cap is correctly fitted.

You need to turn on the engine and check the vehicle for any oil leaks. It is important to go through HGV Driver Training in London to have better driving experiences.

Battery security and conditions

You need to check that the battery is:

  • Secure
  • Is available in good condition
  • Not leaking

Diesel exhaust fluid 

Especially the diesel vehicles should have the required amount of the Blue diesel exhaust fluid and also the top up if it is necessary.

 Excessive engine exhaust smoke

You need to check that the exhaust should not emit an excessive amount of smoke. You can also look for HGV Driver Training London classes to have a better grasp of the different components of driving such large vehicles.

 Spray suppression

If there is a requirement for spray suppression then it is to be checked that they are:

  • Fitted
  • Secure
  • Not damaged
  • They are not clogged with the mud

Electrical connections

You need to check each of the connections and make sure that 

  • Visible wiring is properly insulated
  • Visible wiring is not likely to get damaged.
  • All electrical switches are in proper working conditions.

Coupling security

You need to check that your vehicle is securely attached to the trailer and also that the trailer is located correctly and secondary locking devices are in the correct position. You can also search for various HGV Driver Training London courses for a better understanding of various aspects of driving such heavy and rigid vehicles. 

Number plate

Check that the number plate is not:

  • Broken.
  • Incorrect.
  • Dirty.
  • Faded.


Check that the reflectors that include side reflectors are not:

  • Missing
  • Broken
  • Insecure
  • The wrong color

Markings and warning plates

Make sure that the vehicle’s markings are of:

  • Right color
  • Visible
  • Securely fastened