How to Social Bookmarking for SEO

Social Bookmarking for seo

Social Bookmarking is one of the commonly used Off-Page Seo activities. It is a strategy to acquire backlinks for the website. Social bookmarking for seo evolves the submission of web page links to different link sharing websites. The website includes Reddit, Tumblr,, Plurk, and lot more.

So, how to social bookmarking for seo?

For doing social bookmarking, you first need to find some authority social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking is one of the best and important tasks in SEO and through which you can easily gain lots of traffic to your website. Besides, you can index your blogs/articles just by publishing it on the sites. By promoting your websites on social bookmarking will make your presence strong on social media. It will help brand awareness which will result in increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Why social bookmarking is important?

Here are some of the reasons which make social bookmarking so important:

    • Faster Site Indexing: Every website search engine needs constant information. This information helps in ranking the sites. They collect all the data by crawling to the web for updates and information. When Google stores and updates data then it is termed as indexing. Social bookmarks help Google bots and understand your content. Moreover, it speeds up the indexing process. Thus, the search engine finds and ranks the content faster if no bookmark exists.
    • Backlinks : When the content appears on a bookmarking site then it creates a backlink. For achieving page one ranking on a search engine result page the legit backlinks is a big part of it. With the help of social bookmarking, it can boost your domain authority. The high authorities make ranking well and generate traffic.
    • Website Traffic : With the help of social bookmarking you can boost traffic to your website. But remember the bookmark that you set on the browser cannot do that. Social bookmarking has a direct effect on ranking and can enhance traffic. When the content appears on a bookmarking website people follow the link of your site. If the information has been found engaging then it can lead to thousands of new visitors every month.
    • Social Signals : Google counts all the social bookmarks as social signals. They usually help in deciding how popular your brand is with the public. It is the content that drives thousands of people to your site and enhances domain authority. The higher authority is equal to the higher rank. The terms like backlinks, fast indexing, social signals are great for SEO
    • Bookmarking is better : Most of the social bookmarking sites organize the tagged items. The users can browse the things based on their popularity either it is related to news, sports, etc. while having a good search capability you can see what other people bookmark using the search tools. For example, a social site is a smart search engine tool. The social bookmarking tools are web-based and the account is always up-to-date.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking for SEO

In this digital generation, we all have seen that how a website and its optimizations have been important. Nowadays, the website is not only a web identity but it goes far behind and thus it has become a business platform.

Today, the demand for website optimization services has enhanced and SEO has gained much importance. However, off-page SEO includes several different aspects like local listing, social bookmarking, YouTube SEO, and many others.

In this article, we have defined some of the benefits of social bookmarking for SEO: 

1: Ability to share pictures, videos and Links:

It is the social bookmarking website that allows you to save your bookmarks online and it only tags relevant keywords and then you can share them with groups.

As your bookmarks are on a website and not stored on your computer, bookmarking also allows you to view your favorite websites anywhere in the world. All you just need is to register at the relevant social bookmarking sites that you can effortlessly save your assets.

2: Quick Indexing in Google:

Do you know that Social Bookmarking has been the fastest way to get search engines to visit your website or a web page? In other words, we can say that once we bookmark links to visit the webpage across the websites then Google search starts indexing the links and it mainly depends on the value of keywords in the website.

3: Helps in increasing SEO value:

Social bookmarking for SEO makes it easier for people to find websites and thus it helps you in generating backlinks to your website.

However, if you bookmark your website in social bookmarking websites then you will easily get backlinks from each website. Thus, it results in a higher page rank for your web page or website.

When you start posting some interesting content that appeals to a larger audience then it will lead you to the awareness of the website and thus increases your website traffic.

Also, it is recommended that appropriate titles, descriptions, and keywords can be defined so that the keywords are optimized for the search terms. This is another way to generate traffic to a web page or website.

Some more benefits of doing Social Bookmarking for SEO

1: Social Bookmarking is a great way to create internet buzz about your business, products, services, brands and it helps in building links to your site. One of the best ideas of social bookmarking sites is that the visitors decide what is popular and what is not.

However, if you provide interesting, unique content on your website then surely you will gain popularity, and thus in this way you can wind up on the front page of a social bookmarking site.

If you do make the front page then you will receive an amazing amount of traffic which would result in several valuable reviews or ratings of services and the products.

2: Social Bookmarking helps in generating a significant number of links that will surely benefit your search engine campaign and your overall search engine rankings.

Sometimes even a bad review is also get viewed as the new content of search engines comes in front. The search engine also looks for new content whenever they crawl your website.

3: However, if you don’t deliver outstanding content to your readers then you will get links but it will only result in lower than anticipated reviews or it started minimizing your traffic.

So, if you decide to use the opportunity to spam the other websites with false comments then it might be possible that the reputation of your company will be viewed as spam and hence it ruins the entire brand experience for anyone that may consider you as a potential investment.

4: There is no doubt, in saying that social bookmarking is only meant for your online community. Thus, you should cater all your bookmarks to a real person and reach the search engines.

Also, if you present only relevant content that is not spam and is absolutely unique then you will get succeeded in doing your job. Besides it, the search engines will also be able to distinguish between spam and non-spam filter and it uses the same method that they do with all other spam.

5: Social Bookmarking is excellent for Link-building and it is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. Whereas Link building is a way that will only help you to increase your rankings as well as traffic.

However, if your website is spam then you will be found, punished, and get banned from the Internet and it is not a good thing for your business.

6: Both the social bookmarking tools and platforms have been developed in order to help internet users so that you can organize your bookmarks online rather than saving them to their computers.

This was found very helpful because these social bookmarks were stored online and thus as a result they can be easily accessed from any computer and any part of the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

7: Social Bookmarks are mainly considered as backlinks by the search engines and it has changed the entire way of how social bookmarking sites were used.

The original use of social bookmarking sites has almost be forgotten because these websites are now overwhelmed by webmasters that build backlinks for their websites.

Thus, as a result, most social bookmarking sites have started using the no-follow attribute and it can prevent websites from getting any backlink benefit.

So, if you are also looking to plan for building backlinks then you should know how to do social bookmarking in SEO and you also need to make sure that you have to submit your website to social bookmarking sites with do-follow.

8: One of the best benefits that you can expect from social bookmarking is it helps in improving online visibility. For doing this, you should make hundreds of submissions to social bookmarking sites. Also, it is not enough to submit your website just to handle the sites.

Although, if you are looking to improve your online visibility in social bookmarking sites then you should hire an SEO company that takes care of all your social bookmarking needs so that you can make the bookmarks professionally.

Numerous visitors come across social bookmarking sites and in this way your brand will be started to become popular online. Therefore, it will also increase the traffic rate to your website, and also the website visitors can click on your website link and come to your website.

9: The social bookmarks that you submit online will also get listed in the search results pages and it is based on how well you make the bookmarks. However, if the descriptions and the titles that you create are keyword rich then your bookmarks will start listed on Google search engine result pages.

Thus, it is another source to get your traffic to your website and in this way, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of social bookmarking. Else, you can also hire an experienced SEO provider who tells you what is social bookmarking in SEO and provide you the appropriate knowledge.

So, try not to waste your time in making the submissions yourself as you can give this task to one of your known SEO providers.

10: Today, Social Bookmarking has become one of the top three link-building strategies. With the help of Social Bookmarking, you will also be able to improve your website’s Google ranking by improving your link popularity through social bookmarking. Social Bookmarking brings lots of numerous benefits to your website.

11: Well, there is a lot of things that you can do with the help of social media strategies when it comes to doing content promotion. Social bookmarking sites are an effective way through which the user can quickly reach your target audience and helps in promoting your business product or service.

When a user starts posting regular content on the websites then you will not only be able to build a solid network for your business but you will be also able to generate more traffic and especially targeted traffic.

Also, it might require a lot of work than other social media channels as you need to do bookmarking for all your web pages by logging into a site and adding URL descriptions and keywords or tags in it. In the end, the result will surely give you a tremendous boost to your SEO efforts.

Conclusion: So, in the above article, we have mentioned all the primary and secondary benefits of doing Social Bookmarking.

Whenever you actively participate on social bookmarking sites then it helps the users to earn natural links as opposed to spam links from the bloggers that aid you in your link-building efforts and it also helps in boosting your SEO campaign.

You need to try posting your links on social bookmarking websites as possible and this will help you in increasing your brand’s visibility, lead you towards improved search engine ranking and provide the best results in generating traffic for your website.

What are the examples of bookmarking sites?

Social bookmarking is one of the off page SEO activity. It helps in SEO in the sense that it helps to create quality backlinks to the website. It also helps in making a webpage index faster. Following are the examples of various social bookmarking sites: