Graubünden, Switzerland: 6 Unmissable Things to See & Do

Graubünden, Switzerland: 6 Unmissable Things to See & Do

Travelling to Graubünden but have no idea what to expect once you get there? The possibilities are infinite, and it’s the greatest Swiss area for those who value an active, outdoor lifestyle. You must also read this article even if you are settling in Graubünden with the help of a credit loan in Switzerland.

Grasp about Graubünden

Some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking landscapes may be found in the biggest Canton of Graubünden, popularly known as The Grisons. If you prefer the countryside to the city, you should visit Graubünden for its unspoilt scenery, hundreds of kilometres of hiking routes, and even old castles.

Top 6 Unmissable things to in Graubünden

1. Experience the Bernina Express 

The Bernina Express, at an elevation of 2,253 metres, is the highest railway in the Alps (7391 feet). It travels 144 km (89 mi) in around four hours, across 196 bridges and through 55 tunnels. While there is no dining car on this train, refreshments are available for purchase. Service is sluggish and pricey, so you should usually pack your own food for the four-hour trip.

This is an amazing ride. Glaciers, lakes, towering mountains, and beautiful scenery await your gaze. To get the entire Bernina Express experience, one must board the train in Chur and travel all the way to its terminus in Italy.

2. Go Sledding or Tobogganing

For thrilling outdoor activities, few places can match Switzerland’s toboggan rides. The best spot to go tobogganing in Switzerland is in Graubünden Canton, where you’ll find the country’s longest toboggan slope. Mount Pradaschier offers a thrilling ride that spans 3,060 metres (1.9 miles) and reaches speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour (mph) (25mph).

The run’s biggest feature is that it is completely risk-free, making it suitable for use even by toddlers. From the top of the ride down to the valley, the journey takes around 7-10 minutes and is easily the most enjoyable time you’ll spend in all of Graubünden. As you speed down the toboggan, you’ll feel like you’re floating through the air and take in breathtaking scenery.

3. Trek to the II Spir Lookout

Amazing panoramic views of the Rhine Gorge and the Little Swiss Canyon may be had from the II Spir observation platform, high above the gorge. The true Rhine River, which flows from Germany’s border all the way through the Netherlands, begins not far from here. It’s hard to believe that such a little river could grow into such a massive river monster.

Following one of the hiking routes through the Flims forest, you may reach the observation platform in about an hour from the Flims Waldhaus.

The hike isn’t strenuous, but the payoff is huge. After taking in the breathtaking vistas, head to the neighbouring eatery for a bite to eat or a drink. The Swiss cheeses and wines are delicious, but the views from here aren’t as impressive as those from the observation deck. 

Important Note: The Swiss government mandates every tourist to have health insurance in Switzerland. Hence, before going to trek or even normal visit anywhere in Switzerland, you must have health insurance. To purchase health insurance online, you can visit websites like Tiptop – Health Insurance Comparison and PrimApp – Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland. However, To get the right price and know which health insurance will be suitable in Graubünden for your needs, you can use a health insurance comparison tool.

4. St. Moritz

St. Moritz, located on St. Moritz Lake, is a popular tourist destination. The champagne-sipping elites that frequent St. Moritz’s opulent restaurants are only one example of the city’s high-end atmosphere.

This town is unsuitable for people looking for a cheap vacation in Graubünden. St. Moritz is the place to visit if you want a taste of the lavish Swiss way of life, though.

Even if you don’t find St. Moritz itself very appealing, you could like exploring the lakes in the valley that surrounds it. In the summer, you may go swimming, kite surfing, or stand up paddle boarding. Alternatively, the cable cars make it easy to explore the nearby mountains on foot. Skiing, as well as ski touring and snowshoeing, are all popular winter activities. 

5. An Overnight Stay at Lake Silvaplana Campground

It’s the polar opposite of the five-star hotels in St. Moritz to camp out at Lake Silvaplana. Although the campground lacks the opulence of the nearby resort town, it also is surrounded by beautiful Swiss scenery. Whether you’re travelling by RV or just taking a tent, Camping Silvaplana has everything you’ll need for a relaxing camping adventure.

It was in this picturesque setting that Nietzsche came up with the concept of Eternal Recurrence. In addition, many people visit the region specifically to participate in water sports. When the lake freezes over in the winter, it becomes part of a cross-country skiing track, and in the summer, it’s a popular spot for kiteboarding and windsurfing.

6. National Park of Switzerland

Only one Swiss canton, Graubünden, can boast a national park. If you’ve been impressed by Switzerland’s stunning landscapes so far, you’re in for a real treat when you visit the park. Visitor attractions in this park include scenic lookouts, rare animals, and even a museum.

Thanks to its many hiking paths, this national park is most frequently visited by hikers. The Swiss National Park has something for every kind of hiker, from short strolls throughout the park to multi-day treks to adjacent summits.

You may still have a memorable experience in the park even if hiking isn’t your thing by taking a car ride through it during any season. The park is compact enough that you may spend numerous days here without moving your base of operations.


In conclusion, this article highlights the 6 beautiful and fun things and places to do in Graubünden. If you wish to visit Graubünden, you must not miss these destinations so that your trip remains worthwhile. 

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