7 Easy Yoga For A Healthy Life

7 Easy Yoga For A Healthy Life

Yoga for a healthy life- Through the gym, we look strong from the outside. But it does not strengthen our inner nerves, muscles, and veins. Inner firmness comes only by heating in the yoga fire.

Like filling water in a raw earthen pot, the pot gets destroyed by melting. By cooking it and filling it with water, it does not melt again and water does not come out. Similarly, the body of the living being is deteriorating day by day. The firmness of the body is done only by yoga. Therefore, to strengthen the body, regular yoga should be practiced.

How beneficial is yoga for a healthy life?

Regular practice of yoga brings mental clarity and peace. Increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress, calms the mind. It also has spiritual benefits such as help in focusing and increases concentration.

The purification of the body is essential before the start of yoga. For the purification of the body, first of all, these seven means should be done – purification, firmness, steadiness, patience, labor, direct and uninterrupted. These are called the seven means.

Let us now know some such yogas with the help of which you can lead a healthy life and remain healthy.

Important yoga for a healthy life.

What I am going to tell you is to lead a healthy life, it is very easy to do. By doing this one can attain health as well as divinity.

1. Kapalbhati- There are three types of Kapalbhati – Vatkram Kapalbhati, Vyutkram Kapalbhati and Shitkram Kapalbhati. Kapha-dosha gets destroyed by the means of Kapalbhati.

A.Vatakram Kapalbhati 

Inhale air from the left nostril and do catharsis through the right nostril. Then complete it with the right and do catharsis with the left vowel. Do not be hasty in doing both these actions. By doing this, phlegm is destroyed. This is called Vatakram Kapalbhati.

B. Vyutkram Kapalbhati

Draw water from both the nostrils of the nose and remove it from the mouth and draw water from the mouth and take it out from the nose. This is called inverse Kapalbhati. It calms the Kapha and pitta and gives health benefits to the body.

C. Sheetkram Kapalbhati

Take water after cooling it through the mouth and remove it from the nostrils, this is called Chillakram Kapalbhati. By practicing this, the body becomes beautiful like Cupid and the yogi is saved from old age. The body becomes healthy and Kapha-doshas are destroyed.

2. Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

Keeping the left foot on the right thigh and the right foot on the left thigh, take the hands on the back in a reverse manner and hold the left thumb with the right hand and the thumb of the right foot with the left hand. Place the chin on the heart and look at the tip of the nostrils. All diseases are destroyed by its practice. This is called Padmasana.

3. Simhasana (Lion Pose)

Place both the ankles upside down by placing them under the testicles and look through Jalandhara-bandha into the frenulum, or look into the front of the nostrils. It is called the throne. By this, all diseases are destroyed and man remains healthy. The symptom of Jalandhara-bandha is like this – that is, applying the chin to the heart by constricting the nerves of the throat is called Jalandhara-bandha.

4. Paschimottanasana

By spreading both the feet on the earth with a simple gesture like a punishment, hold the toes of both the feet with care and keep the head on both the thighs. This is called Paschimottasana. A person who wants a healthy life and accomplishments must practice it.

In other texts, it is also called Ugrasana –

That is, by spreading both the feet separately, holding both the thumbs firmly with the hands, and keeping the head on the thighs, the fire is lit. The laziness of the body is destroyed. No disease touches those who practice it. His wind blows in the west, all accomplishments are achieved.

5. Shitali Kumbhak

By drawing air through the tongue, fill the stomach with air. Then hold the air with Kumbhak yoga for some time and remove it from both the nostrils. It is called Sheetali. Sadhak should perform this ritual. By its means, all the diseases arising from indigestion, phlegm, and bile are destroyed and a person leads a healthy life.

6. Bhastrika Kumbhak

Like a blacksmith fills the air with a blower. In the same way, by filling the air in the stomach through the nostrils, slowly move it into the stomach. By doing Kumbhak like this twenty times, hold the air. Then, as air comes out of the blacksmith’s bellows, in the same way, remove the air from the nostrils. This is called Bhastrika Kumbhak. In the same way, do it three times as per its rule, it does not cause any kind of disease. Health increases day by day and man remains healthy and fit.

7. Bhramari Kumbhak

At midnight, when the sound of any living being is not heard, then the yogi should go to such a place and close both the ears with his hands and perform the ritual of ‘Puraka-Kumbhaka’. By doing this man hears different types of words. The food eaten by this is also digested quickly. The body is healthy and man remains healthy. By doing this regularly, this mudra is proved. When this is proved, Samadhi is proved.

How does yoga change your life? 

Yoga establishes a deep connection between your body and mind. It not only heals your body but also calms the mind. So that you can lead a happy life. Problems like anger, stress and depression go away. Any type of physical or mental problem can be cured by yoga. A person becomes the master of his own body. Just as a circus animal acts at the behest of its master, so the body of a yogi works according to his mind.


There is no doubt about these 7 easy yogas mentioned above, by which a person can lead a healthy life. And the most important thing is that it is very useful for those who are beginners. My goal is this, as long as every person in the world is healthy, yoga should be an integral part of your life. How did you like this article, do tell in the comment box. Any other questions you can feel free to ask me. Thank you. 

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