A Guide about- HGV (Heavy goods vehicles)

how to become a hgv driver

Driving is a vast experience, in which you need to follow some rules and regulations leading towards a better driving experience. Driving includes various aspects with it from training to test and other documentation needed for licencing. HGV refers to Heavy Goods Vehicles, these are the heavy vehicles used for transportation of major goods and services as per the requirement. You can go through many modules like free HGV Training and How to become a HGV driver? for a better understanding of commercial driving. 

You need to follow a proper detailed process to be an HGV (Heavy goods vehicle) driver. The process is defined by the authorities as per the requirements for the HGV driver. The process includes proper HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) driver training, and then you need to opt for an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)driving test with different modules to get the legal and safe driving licence. You can check the variety of patterns for free HGV training, and also you can get to know about How to become a HGV driver?

Let’s discuss in detail: HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) and understand different types of commercial driving.

HGV Driver Training

HGV Driver Training is a must when you decide to go for an HGV(Heavy Goods vehicles) driving licence. HGV driving licence is not an easy task to accomplish. You need to go for proper training because there is an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles)Driving test scheduled that is to be cleared, according to the minimum requirements for the HGV(Heavy Goods Vehicles) driving licence. Further to go for the HGV Driving test, you must first know about the HGV Driver Training

HGV training has two major modules associated with it. These two modules check if you have appropriate knowledge about the things associated with HGV driving. The first module that is the most important is theory training. This module is considered important initially because this module helps you in getting the appropriate knowledge about the things that are important to know about the HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles), and then you are given detailed training about the vehicle and other rules, safety precautions, and other things associated with it. Further, You can be trained on actual driving i.e. you are given training on how to drive the vehicle, what all things are to be taken care of while driving, and also you are now clear about the things associated with HGV (heavy Goods Vehicles) driving.

Problems faced by HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) drivers due to Car Drivers

Many problems are faced by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) drivers due to many aspects. Some of the major problems are caused by the drivers of the small vehicles on the road while driving. These problems are not overlooked by anyone, but the only ones who suffer from all this are the drivers of HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles). Some of these problems are listed below for references so that the person gets through the things appropriately about how tough is the life of HGV drivers rather than complaining about them. 

The major problems caused are:

Pulling in too close: It is really important to understand the fact that HGVs are the hard and rigid vehicles that are to be driven in some way. But when the car drivers try to overtake them and pull in too close there are maximum chances of major accidents this way So the person needs to be careful while driving. When these types of accidents occur it is always seen that people target HGV drivers for this that it is their fault. But not every time it’s the fault of HGV drivers.

Tailgating to save fuel: This is the major problem which is faced by HGV drivers. The small vehicle drivers usually try to neutralize the vehicle and go in flow with the HGVs. This way they take advantage of it and other vehicles associated with it. There are many cases if you see the research in which people do this to save the fuel of their vehicle and if anything drastic occurs then it is targeted that it was the mistake of the HGV driver which is not justified because it was the person’s own choice to drive the vehicle in neutral to save the fuel.

Not indicating: This is the major problem which is listed nowadays because people don’t indicate while turning because they take sudden turns, this way it becomes difficult especially for the HGV drivers to stop their lorry suddenly because it is a huge vehicle and takes time to stop. If people start giving indicators at appropriate times this will surely reduce the accidents which occur due to the failure of indicating while turning. But on the whole, it is the HGV drivers who are blamed for all the nuisance made by other small vehicle drivers because people have made the perception for HGV drivers that they are risk-takers.

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