Best Education Blogs

Best Education Blogs

Teachers should communicate material, curriculum, success (and failure) stories, and compassionate anecdotes if there is one thing they excel at. Teachers and education leaders who dare to challenge inflexible, antiquated practises and attitudes and replace them with cutting-edge technologies, pedagogies, and ideas are already imagining and creating the future of education. Reading education blogs that regularly post pertinent content is beneficial for teachers of all experience levels. Share your thoughts at the Education Blogs Write For Us category. 

Top Blogs

They are- 

  • Faculty Focus

A newsletter and website specifically for teachers and instructors are available on the platform for free. You can read as much material as you like, unlike many blogs that have paywalls. Three posts from professionals and experts in the field are posted on the website every week. On what will work in the classroom and online environments, there is informative literature available. The seventh-ranked education blog in the Teach100 daily ranking of blogs is Faculty Focus, which won the 2017 MERLOT Faculty Development Classics Award. Faculty emphasis, which has an emphasis on instructional practises, is a vital resource for teachers to share what they do in the classroom (whether online or in-person) and discover what other educators around the world are doing. 

  • Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education strives to be the go-to resource for information, analysis, and knowledge about higher education around the world. The platform is based on 10 million data points collected from 2,500 institutions across 93 countries, unmatched news, knowledge, and intelligence, as well as a 50-year trust connection. You can read the blog to have a thorough understanding of the factors that influence college admissions decisions. They have created a set of tools to support the strategic objectives of universities all around the world through the use of their expanding database. They are a blog that leaders in higher education must watch because they also give statistics to governments. 

  • Advance Higher Education 

Advance Higher Education is a member-driven, industry-owned nonprofit that collaborates with institutions of higher learning all around the world to enhance higher education for faculty, students, and society. They support the efforts of community members and the higher education sector while enhancing confidence and trust in higher education, addressing systemic disparities, and advancing education to meet students’ and society’s changing demands. Enhancing teaching and learning, effective governance, leadership development, and addressing inequities through equal, diverse, and inclusive (EDI) work are the main areas of concentration. The platform also provides assistance through scholarships, awards, student surveys, strategic transformation and consultancy services, and membership (including accreditation of teaching and learning, equality charters, research, knowledge, and resources).  

  • Volt Edu 

Volt was founded on the premise that when personal opinions, triumphs, and mistakes are shared, the level of the marketing game improves throughout all of higher education. You may find advice, best practices, case studies, how-to articles, and other useful information on this site, which is produced by higher education marketers for higher education marketers. For existing and aspiring education leaders who want to improve how schools convey their distinctiveness and value, the platform wants to become mandatory reading. Get their monthly newsletter to be informed about fresh content, useful links, and important updates.