5 Best Welcome Drinks to Serve at a House Party

5 Best Welcome Drinks to Serve at a House Party

After a long day, you want to stay in the house and invite your friends over. But what is a house party without shaking things up a little? A refreshing welcome drink can have a significant effect on your house party. Your guests will feel refreshed with an energizing drink that makes them feel valued and welcome.

Welcome drinks are essential for starting the house party and introducing your guests. They provide them with the energy to have fun and hobnob. Therefore, offering your guests a well-chilled welcome drink will set the tone for the house party.

However, choosing the right welcome drinks can be daunting as people’s tastes and preferences often differ. Some prefer mojitos, while others prefer more potent beverages. Things can get out of hand if you’re responsible for entertaining your guests and keeping them happy.

That is why we have prepared a review of five rejuvenating welcome drinks to help your guests feel reenergized. Read on to find out more.

1. Kamikaze

At least one individual in your house party always calls for shots. It’s vital to keep the house party’s fire on. This quick-to-prepare drink will ideally add that extra kick to the shots. But be careful as this drink is too good; it may get your guests overly drunk than anticipated.

To make Kamikaze, mix lime juice, triple sec, and a premium vodka or cognac like Alize into a cocktail shaker. Alize, in particular, is an alcoholic beverage with exotic, natural flavour combinations for a refreshingly unique experience. Consequently, add ice, cover, and shake the mixture until chilled. Strain the contents into any cocktail glass or a chilled shot glass.

The whole preparation process can take around five minutes.

2. Mojito

Mojitos are essentially mint and lime cocktails, but a mocktail version is available for the alcohol conscious. Its ingredients comprise aerated soda, sugar, water, lime, crushed ice, lime juice, and salt. There Is an apple mojito variant with green apple as its primary ingredient.

The best way to determine if your guests will show up for your next house party is by serving them a generous glass of this sweet, refreshing mojito. Who wouldn’t love a glass of chilled mojito? It’s the ideal welcome drink for every special occasion, leave alone house parties, especially in Jakarta’s warm weather.

Preparing mojito is slightly involving and can take around ten minutes. Add two lime wedges and sugar to make the drink, and muddle them to obtain lime juice. Consequently, fill a tall glass with ice to the top. Pour rum over that ice and fill the glass with carbonated water. Stir the contents, taste, and add sugar as you desire. Garnish with the lime wedge and serve your guests.

3. Screw Driver

Vodka is a must-have for any house party, but let’s keep things simple for now. The list of easy and quick welcome drinks for a house party cannot be complete without this beverage. It comprises a blend of fresh orange juice, ice, and vodka. It’s the perfect match for guests to refresh themselves on a Friday night after having a long week.

To prepare this welcome drink, it’s best to add vodka to highball glasses with some ice. Consequently, fill the glasses with fresh orange juice and serve to enjoy. 

4. Long Island Iced Tea

Iced tea is a classic favorite for almost every cocktail enthusiast. This type of iced tea can be slightly tricky to prepare, but it’s worth the time and effort. Here is the recipe to prepare this drink and keep your guests hydrated at your party.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour vodka, tequila, triple sec, gin, and rum. Sour mix the mixture over ice, then cover and shake it. Pour your cocktail into a hurricane, Collins glass, or tall container. Top the mixture with a Coca-Cola splash to enhance flavor. Garnish with a slice of lemon, then serve and enjoy. It takes around ten minutes to prepare this revitalizing beverage.

5. The Fisherman’s Margarita

The Fisherman’s Margarita is the perfect company to convert your house party from a hectic urban setting into a tropical beach island. Its sprinkle of salt and blue tone will give you the craving for a Bali vacation. It’s prepared with curacao syrup and is extremely lovely to look at because of its tranquil and peaceful color. This welcome drink makes for striking party drinks.

Preparing this welcome drink is relatively straightforward and takes roughly ten minutes. Add lime juice into an ice-filled cocktail shaker and strain it into a rocks glass with a salted rim. Consequently, fill the rock glass with ice and top the mixture with a splash of blue Curacao to add color. Garnish with lime, then serve and enjoy.

Wrapping it Up

A house party without a great welcome drink is a dull affair. So, you have various welcome drinks for your house party at your disposal. Remember, a great welcome drink does not just jazz your guests up and prepares them for the food. It also adds zing to the event and brightens their moods.

You can serve these welcome drinks when your guests arrive or at the early hours of the party, and you want to keep them busy and chatty. Consider one of these cool, exotic drinks to energize your visitors during the house party. However, remember always to do that responsibly. Cheers!


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