How are Driving and Risks Interconnected?


Road traffic injuries cost a lot of money to people, their families, and governments in the long run. These include the costs of treatment as well as the lost productivity of people who die or become crippled as a result of various injuries, as well as family members who have to leave their jobs to care for the injured.

According to a study, road traffic accidents cost some countries over 3% of their GDP, which is a significant amount that must be taken into account in every way. People often have a variety of questions about HGV Driver Training since they want to operate vehicles that will help them advance in their careers.

When it comes to driving, there are many different types of dangers to consider. Several factors contribute to the various aspects of this topic. Among them are:


Speeding is one of the primary causes of accidents nowadays. It was revealed that rising average speed has a direct or indirect association with crash risk and severity. Furthermore, every 1% increase in mean speed resulted in a 4% increase in the likelihood of a fatal collision and a 3% increase in catastrophic crash dangers.

Second, the risk of pedestrians being killed by car fronts is rapidly growing, increasing by 4.5 times from 50 to 65 kilometers per hour. Also, in car-to-car side crashes at 65 km/h, the likelihood of fatality for automotive occupants is 85 percent.

Influenced Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic chemicals or narcotics increases the likelihood of a collision, which can result in death or serious injury. When it comes to drinking and driving, the chance of a car accident increases dramatically as the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises above 0.04 g/dl.

No Usage of Safety Equipments

Driving necessitates a high level of safety, and the various safety devices developed for different cars must be used appropriately to achieve better results. Helmets, seatbelts, and kid restraints are examples of common safety equipment. Furthermore, proper helmet usage can reduce the incidence of fatal injuries by 42 percent and head injuries by 69 percent.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is becoming the primary cause of accidents. Distractions can hinder driving performance in a variety of ways. Cell phone distraction is becoming a growing source of worry for road safety. Drivers who use their phones are four times more likely than drivers who do not use their phones to be involved in a crash.

Driving while on the phone slows reaction times and makes staying in the correct lane and maintaining proper following distances difficult. Furthermore, texting has been demonstrated to raise the risk of a crash dramatically. People ask varied questions regarding LGV Driver training due to a variety of needs and other factors, as well as the growing need for this area in the transportation business.

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