How to Increase Domain Authority in 2 weeks?

Well, for ranking a website there is numerous factors that Google uses. One of them is the Domain authority of a website. It is a metric that has been developed by Moz. For earning a high search engine ranking for the websites your Domain Authority should be high. Due to this way, you will earn better web traffic.

While measuring SEO efforts, domain authority is such a great platform for it. Also, it will compare the strength of your website to your competitor’s websites. If you are looking for increasing your domain authority, then you should know that DA is the important key for ranking any website on Google.

Remember if the DA of web pages that rank on Google is higher than your DA, then it would be difficult to rank it on the 1st page for that specific KWR. Thus, domain authority plays an important role in ranking a website.

On the other hand, if your website has more number of links from different pages then it would be considered to rank better. For calculating domain authority rank, there is a need to combine the few metrics like root domains, Moz rank, Moz trust , etc.

The following 6 steps that you should follow to increase the domain authority in 2 weeks:

1: Choose wisely a domain name: If you have just started, then there is a need to pick a domain name that is relevant to your website. It is important that your domain name should be easy to remember. So that visitors won’t face any issue when returning to your site. You also need to buy an old domain so that you won’t have to make a domain age. For instance, if you already pursue a domain, then make sure it’s not going to expire soon for at-least up to 2-3 years.

2: Create High-quality content: This might be sound differently, but content plays an essential part and have a direct impact on increasing domain authority. Effective content marketing requires convincing content on regular basis. Thus, it can go a long way in enhancing the domain authority of your website. So, for creating content that other link to it can be done by two methods:

  • Circulate Long-form content.
  • Craft Info-graphics.

The better your content is more likely it will be linked to it. Thus, it means that your content should be relevant to your brand and towards your audience. It should be more informative, creative, and well-written. For increasing domain authority, it’s obvious you want people linking to your content.

The content that will get more linked is the most detailed one and well-researched articles. Case studies, Tutorials are some examples of content that usually get linked by high-authority websites. So, try to focus on publishing the articles.

There are many ways that you need to follow in keeping content quality enriches:

  • Avoid duplicity in content.
  • Try to write fresh and relevant content.
  • Always teach something new to your readers.
  • Don’t stuff the KWR in articles.
  • Ensure grammar checking and spelling corrections.
  • Always write long articles that are specific-driven.
  • Write content for users not for search engines.
  • Add value to your post.
  • Not to crowd too many ads or use the promotional link in the article.
  • Avoid doing silly mistakes like title tags and meta-description.

3: Remove bad links: After some period of time, there is a need to go through your link profile and search for the toxic backlinks. Therefore, it will allow you to remove all the toxic links from bad sources. Otherwise, it can hurt your domain authority as a substitute for helping it. Try to remove the links posted throughout the website. Also, it will lead to bad sites and create a negative impact. For managing all the links gather it in one right place.

4: Domain Age plays a crucial part: The most important factor to greater domain authority is domain age. The older the domain is, the greater its domain authority. Thus, even if you create high-quality content, try to build strong internal links for your website. You also need to make sure that the technical SEO of your site is fairly good enough. Your domain authority score may not outscore your competitors so easily. Though, it takes time to improve your Domain Authority. But if you perform all the steps appropriately then you will notice a gradual rise in your website domain authority.

5: Make promotions via Social Media Channels: As you, all are familiar that social signals play a big ranking factor in promoting the content on social media. By not making promotions on social media channels your content is just going to sit ideal on the website. For achieving high rankings on the Google Search Engine Result page promote your content on various Social Media pages. Make sure you will encourage all your followers and subscribers to like, share, and comment on to it. You can also involve social share buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on your web-pages.

6: The website should be mobile-friendly: There are huge numbers of online users that access the web via mobile devices. Somehow, if the website has not been optimized well for mobile use then you are far away from ranking the website. Also, it will not only hurt your search engine rankings but you will lose a lot of visitors. Once the user realized that your site is not being properly displayed over the phone they will jump into the next site.

Wrapping it up: In a nutshell, there are 3 basic things that you need to understand about increasing Domain authority:

1: The Domain Authority is probably based on the number of backlinks. It only shows how your authoritative backlinks are.

2: While getting the domain authority score (100) are difficult and quite rare. Sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube contains domain authority (100).

3: As it has been stated above that the Domain Authority shouldn’t get influence directly. Thus, it takes both the time as well as effort to run the Domain Authority efficiently.

It’s not true in saying that Domain Authority only depends on the backlinks. There are some other metrics too that are involved in it and help you to achieve the ranking on Google. Hope this article covers all the necessary and basic information that helps in increasing the Domain Authority of your website.

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