How do you update old content?

Well, any kind of content you create is completely a time-consuming process. Sometimes it happens that you spend a lot of time on creating content but still don’t get any desired results. Usually, it takes time to generate traffic on your website.

We all carry the same thought in our mind that producing regular content helps in enhancing the traffic. Also, it is the rule no 1 of any marketing criteria. Thus, you need to produce more and more content so to get achievable consequences.

In the meantime, if the content is going out of date. Then it shows that you are not providing relevant content to your consumers. The content you provide should be of high-quality and carry up-to-date information.

If you are updating your content in a timely manner then it makes sense to drive the people. As the things are rapidly changing therefore your content should be reflected in those changes as well. Try to update your content on regular basis with new specific information and republish it.

Want to give your existing content greater visibility & a new life. Then read the following points and see how you can update old content for SEO

1: Update your old content: If your content is no longer valid and people used to search for your business services then it creates a bad impression. Of course, no one wants to lose their engaging traffic and definitely don’t want to ruin their image in front of the targeted customers. Thus, it becomes important to write catchy Headlines and content.  But make sure it should be relevant. If your article requires some modification then you don’t want to republish it. But if you do some substantial changes then it makes sense to republish it again. Also, it provides an additional force to promote it.

2: Turn your current content strategy on: The thing that you really need to understand is how to keep the content going on a regular basis. You may be more focused on how to create content. Hereby creating we mean updating. You can update the content significantly and add merely up-to 500 words on each of your previous blogs. It is quite easier to add the words into your existing content rather than to add 2,000 words per blog post. You can visit your old pages, service page, or home page. Figure out all these pages well and see how you can improve it better. If you find that you can add every section with 200-300 lines, then it is feasible that you can create 1000 words at the end of it. Also, this type of experiment can bring more value to your content.

3: Need to update new posts: Let’s suppose if your website posts a few years older. Then it becomes really essential to add value in them so that users get engaged in it. Though if the article is not outdated but still you need to republish it. Then set your eyes on the content and see how it can be changed. The time when you republish the content it still looks for the extra ways to make it better. You can also improve the images that are been shared with the post or can add a little bit of content in it. Thus, you get more experience of what you wrote in the post.

4: Take advantage of Google algorithm: Google makes ongoing changes in its algorithms. The most significant change over the last few years is to analyze the content. By this, it means that Google is not only focusing on exact matches of KWR in content. But it makes people understand what the content is about. When you focused on the topic as opposed to KWR then there is no need to replicate the content everywhere. You can think about the keywords and their synonyms. While adjusting your old content as per the Google algorithm is a smart thing that you can do. Moreover, it counts on good ranking in SERP’s.

5: Update the posts regularly: If you write about some topic then it is quite obvious that it is prone to changes. Therefore, your article should get updated regularly to make the changes well. For instance, if you are writing about social media tools, then there is a need to change the content. The new tools are been released regularly but the old ones also change. Thus, you want people on your site that read about the features which no longer exist.

6: Makes the content ranking on the first page: It is quite familiar that 92% of people don’t go beyond the first page of Search engine pages. You can imagine if you are on the top of the 2nd page then think how much traffic you are been missing. With the use of revisiting, republishing, or updating your content you carry a chance to get more share. Also, your content gets the more links which means you got a good chance of pushing your article on the first page. Whereas, if you leave it as it is, then the chances are closer to zero and the position of your content also gets decreased. While making the content on top of the position needs relevancy.

7: Combine multiple blog posts: While combining the multiple blog posts into one large piece makes the content more unique. This means that your blog post and someone other blog posts signify the same thing. Here you can realize how competitive it can be! This means you need to make your content more unique and need to make it better. All you need to make is to stand by your competitor’s site. Once you have done it, then Google will give the award to your content and shows it on the first search engine pages.

Final Thought: If you have good quality content then it can generate a lot of traffic to your website. Also, don’t leave the content as it is. Return towards the content on regular basis and see what changes you can do to make the content more unique. You need to ensure that your content should be more useful to your audience. Use this strategy as your advantage and update content once in a while. Follow all these above techniques and enhance your website traffic day by day.