How to Reduce Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Generally, the most common problem that is being faced today is Hair Loss. Though losing 25-50 hair strands is normal today. Most of the time hair loss becomes a serious matter of concern. There are wide varieties of people who feel worried about hair fall nowadays. You should need to figure out the underlying cause for it.

As there can be several factors behind hair loss like environmental effects, aging, taking too much stress, excessive smoking, scalp infections and many more. Certain medicines and medical conditions like thyroid disorder are some of the major problem for hair loss.

Following are some simple measures that help in controlling the hair fall:

  • Feed your hair a good diet : Usually, hair requires good amount of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A provides healthy production in scalp and helps in hair growth too. It can also be found in dark green leafy vegetables, mango, papaya, etc. similarly, Vitamin B12 is found in milk products and is useful for hair growth. A deficiency of Biotin can cause huge hair fall and hair thinning. Therefore it is very important for hair health. If you are suffering from hair fall problems. Then you should include the foods like dairy products, nuts, and green vegetables. All these contain rich source in Biotin and helps in reducing you hair loss problem.
  • Have Protein Rich diet : Proteins are the building blocks of hair. Taking adequate amount of proteins can promotes the health of your hair and helps in curb the hair loss. For overcoming with this type of problem, indulge a protein rich diet. It comes in the form of lentils, dried beans and milk.
  • Hydrate your Hair: Try to keep yourself hydrated. Your hair shaft must compromise at least one quarter water. So, you consume drink eight to twelve glasses of water per day. It should keep you hydrated and enhance the growth of your healthy hair.
  • Massage scalp with oil : A few minutes of massage help your hair follicles to remain active. The oil can penetrate well within the hair shaft. It also prevents the hair from losing its moisture. Thus, the hair is less likely to suffer damage and stay dense and strong for the long duration of time. Warm a little bit of oil for few minutes then gently rub it over your hair scalp. Then wash the hair with cold mild shampoo.
  • Use Hair balms and masks : Most of the time hair loses its moisture easily. To get rid with this stressful situation you can make use of special balms and hair masks. You can make use of balms either simultaneously or with shampoo. The correct way of using balm is to spread it along the whole length of hair. Try to use a good hair mask even once in a couple of weeks.
  • Exercise Regularly : It might seem strange that doing exercise can help in reducing hair loss. While doing workout can flush dirt from all your hair and also keep the oil out from your hair scalp. Thus, it helps in promoting a new growth of hair.

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