How Much Do Lorry Drivers Get Paid in UK (United Kingdom)

Driving is a great profession if any person is interested in it. Driving helps you in inculcating great values like knowledge, driving skills, and some interpersonal skills.

It takes a categorized process to be a lorry driver which includes a short medical test, theory test, and practical test. Driving is a different field for different people as some take it as a profession, some take it as a passion, some take it as needed.

It is dependent on the person how driving is to be pursued. But all driving categories need to be specific with the driving training and driving test to get a license. Driving training and test as discussed above is categorized into three main steps are Medical, Theory training and test, Practical Training, and test.

Training is given as per the final driving examination so that the person gets a clear view of the final test. There are fewer problems if a person undergoes proper processed training.

Lorry driving is a big part of driving due to its size. It has some basic requirements that are to be fulfilled that are based on the medical test, theory test, and Practical test.

After the clearance of the tests of these three steps, one is eligible for a license that is class1 license categorically known as C+E license usually for lorry and arctic vehicle.LGV Cat C training is also becoming trendy nowadays due to an increase in professionalism in driving careers.

Lorry drivers are paid according to the cities they are driving in, according to the type of weight in the vehicle, according to the texture of the weight as some drivers carry dangerous material in their vehicles so they are paid more than the normal drivers.

The approximate yearly salary of a Lorry Driver is from £26,000 to £36,678 varies according to the different cities in the United Kingdom. The rest of the blog will clear all your doubts regarding How Much Do Lorry Drivers Get Paid in Uk.

Let’s know the details of How Much Do Lorry Drivers Get Paid in Uk

Wages of the lorry driver in the UK?

A wage is just a number. One should enjoy their profession. Once you start enjoying your work you will get through various things that will help you grow your career differently irrespective of your salary. 

Lorry driving is a great profession that has its importance in the long run. The salary is generally experience-based. The approximate salary of the Lorry driver as discussed above is approximately from £26,000 to £36, 678 which varies according to the different cities in the United Kingdom. But with growing driving skills, knowledge, and experience one can gain hikes easily.

The detailed information about the salary of lorry drivers in different cities is listed below 

Some Cities like Oxford, Oxfordshire have an average salary of £37,500 yearly with a yearly range of £32,500​-​£47,500.

Due to less hourly incomes in some cities like Nuneaton which has a similar average yearly salary of £37,500 as in Oxford, Oxfordshire but with less range than that of £28,362​-​£39,535.

Similarly moving towards other nearby cities in the United Kingdom like Worthing, West Sussex has an average yearly salary of £37,500 with a wide range of driving experiences and salary range of £34,138​-​£37,500.

As discussed above Reading and slough Berkshire has the same average yearly salary that is £37,089 but with a different highest range that is ​£47,500and £42,500 respectively.

Similarly for Grays and St. Albans having a yearly average salary of £36,678 but with a slight difference of £409 in the highest range of salary in these cities as St. Albans city has a higher salary than Grays.

Many more cities have some similarities and dissimilarities in the salary of lorry drivers accordingly.

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