How To Get A HGV Licence – Everything To Know About

Everything to know about how to get an HGV licence

Driving can be a great passion and passion needs to be lived with great adventure, fun, and should also serve you employment. Driving and driving licence is based on the type of vehicle you choose. 

How To Get A HGV Licence?

The major question that arises today in terms of commercial driving is How to get a HGV licence?

To get an HGV licence it is crucial to qualify for HGV licence. To become a Heavy goods vehicle driver, you need to have a full car driving licence, with a minimum age of 18 years with some exceptions, further get the CPC that is the certificate of professional competence.

For being an HGV driver, you also need to complete various tests and training related to it. Training consists of different modules like theory and practical training. With the clearance of training, you go for the HGV test. The Hgv test includes a medical test, a theory test, and the practical test. Once you are done with these tests, you may get your licence in 10-15 working days.

Let Get to the main Points for How To Get A HGV Licence

To become an HGV driver, you need to have an HGV licence which needs some of the qualifications as prerequisites. 

The steps are:

  1. You should have a minimum of 18 years to opt for an HGV licence.
  2. You must have a provisional car licence beforehand.
  3. You need to undergo a medical test that makes sure you are medically fit for driving such heavy vehicles.
  4. Once you are medically fine, you need to pursue HGV Driver Training.
  5. With completion of the training, you need to go for an HGV driving test and therefore you will get the HGV licence in 10-15 working days.


The concluding parameters for these are very clear. HGV ( Heavy Goods Vehicles) are used to carry goods that weigh almost 7.5 tonnes. Driving acts as a great passion when it gives you happiness and employment.

HGV driving gives you a great exposure to driving from different places, different roads, communicating with different personalities as well as carrying this much weight lets you have different experiences as different goods need a different type of care. This is also clear from the above-written information that everything has to be legal to be a genuine driver. So for this, you need to follow criteria specified by the officials.

The basic criteria that are to be followed are proper HGV training which is a replica of the final test, final HGV driving test which consists of medical test, theory test, and practical training, and then fulfilling all the final requirements if the practical test is cleared.

The test criteria are the only reason that training is an important part to achieve the licence because one can casually gain practical experience through friends or family members but the more important part is the theory test which has 100 MCQ based questions out of which you need to answer 85 correctly to clear for practical training.

Also, you need to fit as per the driving requirements set up by the government, because the medical test is the initialization of every driving test. You need to meet the requirements to clear that test and further attempt the theory test.

Medical tests in some cases include the checking of eyesight and this is done if you can see the number plate of a vehicle situated 20 meters away provided with glasses if you require. This clears out all the doubts about How to get HGV Licences tarting from the basic knowledge of vehicles to eligibility criteria followed by a brief description of HGV driver training, why training is important, what all is included in the driving test, etc.

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