Modules of HGV C + E Training

Modules of HGV C + E Training

Training is made clearer with the categorical division of vehicles and licences so that person chooses for that division in which the individual is interested. So, that the process is crystal clear from every end individual without any chaos. Training if possessed properly can lead to various trending opportunities as an HGV driver. Training nowadays comes with complete packages till licencing process including proper guidance of examination for licencing.

The class 1 licence was replaced by class ‘C+E’ licence in early 1997 and also passing the ‘C+E’ test is a requirement for the operation of articulated or rigid types of machinery with towing service for large trailers. Without the ‘C+E licence one has a towing limit of 750 Kg gross weight Trailer.

The provisional licence for a ‘C+E’ vehicle further has an automatic entitlement on passing the ‘C’ licence. as no medical or theory test pass is required before training. HGV C + E Training includes Articulated Lorry weighing 44 tonnes, with 5 days practical training and a driving test on the last day. The practical courses usually deliver the following standards set up by the DVSA. DVSA recommends LGV Syllabus for learning to drive LGV. Our Registered instructors have the most up-to-date information available to ensure you are properly prepared for the LGV test.

The vehicles for training are also to be maintained to the highest standards and should meet DVSA specifications. 

Training is delivered in different situations of traffic like urban and rural, Individual requirements are taken into account.

Off-road is practised at training centres to ensure that you are ready for this vital part of the LGV test. HGV C+E training gives a great exposure to driving knowledge as well as practical. So, that you are not limited to just driving but you can further opt for other courses and act as a manager for the same. This not only gives exposure to driving but also managerial skills are developed to further excel in your passionate field.

Detailed modules for HGV C + E Training

The basic idea behind this is you will be able to drive the heaviest lorries, weighing almost 44 tonnes and commonly used for long-tail deliveries, if you get your HGV Class 1 (CE) license. 

HGV C+E Training, provides extensive exposure to weights, types, and other aspects of lorry including general driving, road safety, needful while driving, do’s and don’ts of driving, and real-world exposure to driving tests strictness, requirements, and so on.

The process to get an HGV C + E Training is straight and sorted in list articles format mentioned below: 

Medical test

Medical is the most important part of a driving C+E vehicle as this examination is usually preferred to check the health conditions of the individual so that the person is best fitted in attempting the examination. This medical exam is completed as a part of the training. Medicals generally contain a short crisp conversation with the doctor and a brief examination of the individual.

Theory test

The theory examination is to check the basic knowledge of the person in Multiple Choice questions format based on general driving training. This is the basic reason that training is important because practically it is easy to learn from others in daily life but theory knowledge can only be inculcated through generalized training.

Practical training

Once the theory training is down, it is time for practical exposure to the same. Practical training as the name suggests you need to showcase your driving skills to the concerned person in the first attempt and that person will decide your clearance accordingly.

Driver CPC training

When you pass the practical exam you can now drive the HGV vehicle but you may also need CPC for professionals driving the HGV vehicle i.e. Certificate of Professional Competence. This certification makes you professionally eligible for HGV driving which again lets you serve better not only in your field but also makes a good career start as well as risk is also optimized.


On the whole,  HGV C + E Training is a complete Packaging of general training for the examination and a detailed explanation of the blueprint of the final examination. This training provides a detailed check for all types of conditions during driving, say medical emergencies, machinery breakage, etc. Further gaining experience in this C+E training one can excel in managerial courses available in this field to take out the best driving as well as managerial skills. The whole process of C+E Training is sorted and well organized in different objectives like medicals, training, examinations, CPC, etc. The whole crisp revolves around basic three steps as 

  1. Passing a medical exam, on a D4 application form
  2. Applying for the theory exam in continuation with the Practical exam
  3. Last but not least Schedule your CPC

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