Crafting A Zen Space For Relaxation In Your Home


Peace is the priority! Your mental and physical wellness should be your priority. But in today’s hustling world it is not that easy to keep your mind and body at peace. You have to go that extra mile to keep yourself calm and composed.

And trust me it’s worth it. Nothing can beat a relaxed and zen soul in today’s toxic world. Now the question arises, how to do all this? Don’t worry the answer is simple, create a zen space for relaxation at home. Create an atmosphere that restores your peace after a hectic day of work. So, here are the important bullets telling you how to create your very own zen space at home.

1. Choose A Special Area

The area you want to design into a zen space has the most value. It needs to be the perfect spot for relaxation. So, go for that part of your house which is quieter as compared to other rooms and allows you to have a special private space. You must be sure that it is flexible enough to have yoga if you like it someday. If you cannot dedicate a complete room for this purpose then go for an area in your backyard close to nature, or a corner in your room can also serve the purpose. At the end of the day, it’s not the space that is going to matter but the vibe it has.

2. Set The Lights

Lights can make or break the feel of your zen space. Studies show that there is a possibility that certain lights can negatively impact your body. There are special LED lights available in different colors. Warm orange lights in the evening and blue light in the daytime help your body’s natural cycle to relax. If not wanting any artificial element in your zen space, then there should be enough sunlight lighting up the room. In addition, you must also consider putting on blackout curtains to block the extra light when relaxing during the day.

3. Soothe Your Sense Of Smell

Breathing is the focus of meditation and a zen lifestyle. Sitting quietly in solitude and working on your breathing pattern helps your body release all the stress and anxiety. To make your zen space smell like heaven you can choose any of your favorite scented candles, but be sure not to take the ones with a very strong scent. Always go for mild fragrances that help your senses relax without making you sneeze. You may also try burning some incense sticks as preferred by the Japanese.

4. Add A Hint Of Nature

Tranquility is that property of nature that we are trying to incorporate into our lives through this zen space. So, adding elements of nature is the most vital step. Plants bring a lot of calmness and serenity, not only that but also absorb the negative energies from our lives. You have the liberty to choose any plant you like. In our recommendation, you can go for dragon trees or bamboos both have a very soothing nature.

5. Add Some Zen Furniture

Following the traditional Japanese style, you can add some low tables and floor mats. This low-lying furniture helps you stay closer to the floor, which absorbs all your bad energies. You can also add some floor cushions and rugs. One thing to keep in mind is that always go for mild earthen tones and avoid very popping shades. This will help create a serene zone for you to have a great time.


If you are inspired by this reading but do not have enough space at home to create your own zen space, don’t worry at all. The pro-tip here is to remodel your bathroom into a zen space. This will not only save you on space but also allow you to have a soothing time while a warm bath at night. Just incorporate all these elements in your bath remodeling and you are good to go. If still find it difficult, you can get a remodeling contractor to save you from all the mess and give your bath a quick remodeling.

Always remember, these steps are a guideline to help create your zen space at home. As imagination has no bounds, you can add anything you like and think that might help you have a stress-free experience. Explore new things and add a zen element to your home.

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