What are the Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain?

Home Remedies for Tooth Infection

“Some natural remedies help in controlling the tooth pain and also help in stopping the tooth infections from getting worse”

Unfortunately, a toothache can drive you crazy. From disturbing your sleep to disrupting your appetite, a toothache problem causes much more inconvenience than people can’t imagine. Therefore it is essential to find the root cause of tooth gum problems. And this job can only do well by a dentist.

So, before making an appointment with the dentist here are some of the home remedies that people can give a try for relief. If still, the pain persists for more than one day then do not forget to visit your nearby doctor.

The best way to get rid of oral hygiene problems is with antibiotics. However, sometimes the Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain can also help in managing the symptoms and alleviate some of your pain.

Following are some of the best natural home remedies for toothache problem:

Let’s Read About Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

 1: Rinse with saltwater:

The best and easiest method for reducing the pain of tooth infection is to rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution. The use of saltwater rinse will help in killing some of the bacteria from your mouth and also irrigate your mouth well.

Rinse with saltwater - Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain
Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

This can also rinse some of the debris out of your mouth and if you have an abscess then it can help in breaking up the pus surrounding the tooth. The person can make use of regular table salt and warm tap water to make a basic saltwater rinse.

All you need to add about ½ half teaspoon of salt to a small cup with warm water and stir it well. Rinse your mouth for a couple of minutes and swish the solution thoroughly around your mouth and then spit it out.

2: Baking soda:

A tooth abscess home treatment that you probably can have in your home is Baking soda. This can help in lowering the pain of your toothache problems. It is the same baking soda that you keep in the refrigerator to mitigate the antibacterial properties.

Baking Soda - Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain
Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

Rinsing your mouth with baking soda and warm water helps in minimizing the amount of plaque in your mouth and provides you some relief.

If you have an abscess on the side of your tooth or gums then you can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it directly to your tooth or gum instead of using the rinse. Similar to, if the infection in your tooth is another part of your tooth, than use the rinse.

3: Apply Ice:

If your tooth pain is the result of swelling then applying an ice pack may be able to help. You can simply make use of a commercial ice pack and put some ice on a plastic bag and then wrap it in a towel and finally apply it to the swollen area. This will not only help in relieving your pain but also help the inflammation go down. The use of cold numbs can help in reducing the swelling in the affected area of the tooth. Also, it can reduce pain and tenderness and minimizes swelling and inflammation. Applying ice is one of the most common home remedies for tooth infection.

Apply Ice - Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain
Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

4: Clove Oil:

The clove oil is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to relieving tooth pain. This is one of the only home remedies that give better relief to people suffering from oral hygiene issues. The clove oil contains chemicals called Eugenol it acts as an anesthetic and anti-bacterial agent. Clove oil is anti-inflammatory and antifungal.

Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain
Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

How you can apply Clove oil to a toothache?

First of all, take some clove oil and put it on a cotton ball or some cotton swab, and then wipe it directly on the gums surrounding the tooth. For most people, the flavor of clove oil is too strong. If this is your case too then try to mix it with a little bit of olive oil. This dilutes the clove oil and makes it milder. Repeat this treatment several times on a daily basis.

5: Onions:

This remedy is probably going to be the strangest but it might be the most reliable one as well. The onions have been used as a home remedy and help in relieving the pain as well as inflammation from arthritis. Thus it only makes sense that you can use the same method for wisdom tooth pain.

Onions - Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain
Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

Onion is effective as it contains phytochemicals and targets the germs that are responsible for causing infection and gives you much-needed break from the pain. One thing that makes people pause about this remedy is the fact that they have to chew a raw onion.

The worse fact is that the more pungent the onion is, the better the pain relief will be. The mild onions like the sweet onions will provide you relief and you will find a much better result by using the red or yellow onions.

6: Cucumber slices:

Want to eat something that tastes yummy than onions? Then give a try to cucumber slices it can help in bringing relief to your wisdom tooth pain. It’s true that it doesn’t contain the same infection-fighting properties, but when your mouth hurts then it can work in a pinch.

Cucumber Slices - Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain
Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain

Just take a cucumber and cut it into small slices. Now completely rinse the cucumber and place the slices in the refrigerator. When you feel that your tooth begins to hurt then you can take one slice of a cucumber and put it in your mouth directly on the infected tooth. The coolness that you get from the cucumber will soothe the ache and take away your entire toothache problem.

Q: How you can get rid of tooth infection without taking anti-biotic?

Are you in a need of antibiotics for your toothache problems? Well, if your pain is caused by a tooth infection, then the answer is likely yes. You need to follow up on the care by a dentist as well.

Without antibiotic treatment, an infection gets starts in a tooth and can travel throughout your whole body with potentially threatening consequences like Infections of the head, neck, or brain.

Any infection that is in your head or neck should be taken very seriously. This is because the infection gets spread to your brain and can cause potentially life-threatening conditions. Besides it, if the infection is bacterial-like tooth infections and other infections in the mouth then it is very rare that it will go on its own.

Most oral bacterial infections need antibiotic treatment to fight against the infection and keep it away. Without the use of antibiotic for a tooth infection, it can produce risk that can be very serious

The antibiotic treatment for tooth infections is just one part of the solution. But in reality, most of the tooth infections require work on the actual tooth itself to clear this mess completely.

Here you can do the following things to ease these symptoms:

1: You can take over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, naproxen, etc.

2: Try to chew on one side of the mouth that should be away from the infected tooth.

3: When you brush your teeth, use the toothbrush that contains soft bristles.

4: Try to avoid foods that are too cold or too hot.

5: Put a cold compress on your jaw where your tooth hurts.

6: Make use of rinse of water and salt or diluted hydrogen peroxide.

7: Gently rinse the mouth with warm saltwater.

8: Try to avoid the sharp and hard chew foods that can bump into the sensitive area or become stuck in the teeth.

However, the antibiotic helps in clearing the tooth infections. But most tooth infections require dental procedures like a root canal or tooth extraction. Prompt treatment is important to keep the infection away from spreading. Some of the helpful home remedies may also keep the swelling away from the tooth.

The other tooth infection treatments:

Antibiotics help in clearing the active infection but the tooth will also need to work and keeping the infection at bay. For example:

1: Draining the abscess.

2: Filing any cavities.

3: Performing root canal.

4: Extracting the tooth.

Therefore if you have a tooth infection then you probably need to visit a dentist and assess either you need a root canal or to get prescriptions for taking antibiotics.

The Bottom line: Good and healthy teeth give you an amazing balance of aesthetic beauty. The main reason behind the tooth decay problems comes from the decomposition of food particles on your teeth. It is basically a breakdown or destruction of the tooth structure by demineralization.

The consumption of sugar and carbohydrates that are present in the mouth can produce acids and thus as a result of microbial attack. All these acids result in eroding the teeth causing tooth decay. But there are various Toothache home remedies that help in reducing the pain.

There are also some natural home remedies for tooth infection that helps in controlling the pain and stop the infection from getting worse. Obviously, it’s not possible that all the given remedies will work for every person but if you are in pain from an infected tooth it can bring some relief to you.

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