What are the Natural Remedies for Dry Skin in Winter?

Natural Remedies for dry skin in winter

Winters have come and along with it, dry skin problems have started occurring. No wonder that everyone wants free-dry skin and wants to keep their skin soft and healthy. As there will be no one who likes to have flaky dry skin.

So, what are the natural remedies for dry skin in winter?

Due to the winter season, it becomes quite difficult to escape from the dry-skin related issues. In winter, the weather usually turns cold and dry and the level of humidity makes it tougher for the skin to maintain hydration.

Dry skin is responsible for causing roughness, dryness, and flakiness. It is quite known that during the winter season the skin started losing its ability to retaining moisture. It mainly happens due to the reason like- having in-sufficient oil glands and moisture.

Read the following dry skin care tips for your skin in winter

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin in Winter

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin in Winter

1: Avoid Hot Shower:

Some of the things feel better like steaming in a hot shower on a cold day. But try to completely avoid it as this can cause your skin to more rough and dry.

Avoid hot shower

You might get amazed to know that super hot water dries your skin to no end. So, it’s better to take precautions by showering your skin with lukewarm water. Howsoever if you are using soap then ensure it’s completely natural and gentle to your skin.

2: Do minor modification in make-up:

While doing minor modifications in your make-up can help in dealing with dry skin problems. You can give a try to lip balms, or making use of hydrated foundations to your skin. Try to make use of blushes that are enriched in creams.

Minor Modification in Makeup Natural remedies for dry skin in winter

You can also opt for the face mists to keep softening your skin. Avoid the dry foundations or compact powders during the winter season.

3: Consume plenty of water:

Consuming lots of water keeps your body hydrated and skin glowing. It is one of the best remedies for dry skin in winter. Either you drink plenty of water or fresh juices both can help in keeping your skin much softened.

Consume Plenty of Water

Water helps in hydrating your body within or at the cellular level. Therefore, you need to make sure that you drink at least 4-5 liters of water per day. Instead of it can make your skin more glowing and healthy to shine during the whole winter season.

4: Take a bath with Oatmeal:

It is quite interesting to know that oatmeal has been used for skin care treatment for the past few years. Besides, it is known for its effectiveness of moisturizing, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Bath with Oatmeal

At the same time, it offers less incidence of irritation to your skin. Thus, try to bathe for at least 15-20 minutes and pat yourself completely dry before you step out from the bathtub.

Depending on how dry your skin is, you can implement this tip twice a day or more than that. So choose this method and get rid of your dry skin today!

5: Give a try to overnight express:

If you are having a skin dryness problem then this method cannot get beaten up. All you need to take a long shower bath before going to the bed. Here the word long shower means that both your toes and fingers will start to get a wrinkle.

Long Shower Before Bed

Now, immediately pat yourself dry and coat yourself with the use of some oil. It’s better to use olive or coconut oil. Both of them are an appetizing option and help in fighting dry skin.

Whatever your choice of oil will be spread to your whole skin or body where dryness usually occurs. Wear out some pajamas and get ready to sleep and wake up with gentle and soft skin.

6: Eat water loaded foods:

Food also plays a vital role in rehydrating your body or skin from within. So consume the fresh veggies and high vitamin fruits that are enriched in water like cucumber, citrus fruits, celery, and a lot more. All the contents present in the fruits can also help in boosting your immunity to fight infections.

Eat Water Loaded Food

7: Moisturize your skin well:

During winters make sure that you will invest in the right moisturizers. Choose the moisturizers that go well with your skin, this winter season. You can apply the moisturizer on your wet skin to seal the hydration.

Moisturize your skin well

You can opt for coconut, almond oil for natural moisturizing. Due to this way you can prevent your skin from dryness.

8: Exfoliate:

As you are familiar with, that winter is a time to exfoliate your dry or dead skin cells on daily basis. The cold weather makes your skin cells dehydrated and exploit the skin much faster.


Try to make use of exfoliating skin scrubs or use natural products like honey, curd with basen powder, turmeric powder, coffee powder, and a lot more.

There are some other reasons that trigger dry skin like soaps, sitting in front of heaters, taking hot showers, using skin-toners, etc. All of these can cause skin dryness problems. So make sure to avoid it.

9: Use Aloe-Vera:

The Aloe-Vera gel helps in providing you relief from dry-skin problems. A person suffering from dry skin problem can apply the Aloe-Vera gel to their hands or feet. You can also cover the affected area with some gloves or socks.

Use aloe vera

People usually prefer to use Aloe-Vera gel before they step into the bed. Try to reside the gel on your body during the whole night till the early morning.

However, if the dry skin is on another area of your body then applies Aloe-Vera liberally. Let it allow soaking for some time and thus you started achieving the desired results.

10: Petroleum Jelly:

The petroleum jelly in other terms known as mineral oil and can be used as moisturizers.  As per the research, it has been found that dry skin problem has been improved with the use of petroleum jelly. With the use of it, you can resolve all your dry skin issues, especially that are been causing by the aging factor.

petroleum jelly

Some more natural remedies for Dry skin in winter:

After bathing the person can apply the moisturizers that help in preventing dry skin.

Try to avoid the following things that trigger dryness or irritation:

1: Scratching the skin.

2: Avoid sitting in front of the room heaters.

3: Bathing too often.

4: Rubbing the skin continuously with a towel.

5: Bathing from hot water.

6: Using lotions that contain alcohol.

7: Wearing clothes that rub the skin.

8: Getting in contact with detergents.

9: Staying for a longer duration of time in windy conditions.

10: Excessive cold conditions and not covering your skin properly.

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