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HGV Licence Cost

Driving is nowadays a very vast experience. Driving is nowadays a passion for some people and a career choice for some people. It all depends on the requirements and interests of the people. There are many driving possibilities, that is simply driving which includes car, bike, and personal driving whereas commercial driving is also a major career choice today which not only includes driving but also has various other aspects associated with it. These aspects help you grow more as an individual in your career. 

Read more to know about the various aspects that are majorly included when you are thinking of commercial driving. There are many costs which are associated when you plan to get a driving licence. HGV is a vast category that includes various licences. These are HGV Licence Cost, Cat C Licence Cost, LGV Licence Cost, 7.5 Tonne Licence Cost, Lorry Licence Cost, Class 1 HGV Licence Cost.

HGV Licence Cost in the United Kingdom

There are many stages imparted in HGV Licence, so it becomes crucial to know about what is the cost that the whole of the process involves. The process includes first the training, and the driving test, and then the documentation part. The total cost that is the part of the HGV licence is approximately between £250 to £300 depending on your requirements.

Cat C Licence Cost in the United Kingdom  

As it is known that, the Cat C licence enables you to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but should not exceed 32 tonnes. The Cat C vehicle has a licence cost of approximately £595 depending on the needs of the individual.

To get the courses

  1. 7.5 tonne (C1+E) driving courses with trailer
  2. Class 1 LGV/HGV courses
  3. CAT C1
  4. CAT D
  5. CAT D1
  6. CAT D1+E
  7. Fast Track C+E Course
  8. Driver CPC courses
  9. HGV Training
  10. PCV Training
  11. C1 Training
  12. Ambulance Training

LGV Licence Cost in the United Kingdom  

It is generally a class 2 lorry licence, as it allows you to drive vehicles whose weight range from 7.5 tonnes to 32 tonnes. You must apply for this licence if you wish to drive such large and rigid vehicles. The approximate cost that is regarded with an LGV licence is between £250 to £300 as per your requirements.

7.5 Tonne Licence Cost in the United Kingdom  

The total cost for getting the 7.5-tonne licence nearly depends on the test you are taking up. Generally during weekdays licence cost, which is the majority of the licence test, is about £230 and during weekends, bank holidays, and in the evening generally after 4:30 Pm is £264.

Lorry Licence Cost in the United Kingdom  

When you think of having a career in commercial driving, you must opt for a lorry licence. Which enables you to drive lorries that are heavy and rigid. There are general steps which are to be followed to get the lorry licence and these are steps which cause costs for the licence. The general lorry licence cost is between £250 to £300. CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) causes extra cost.

Class 1 HGV Licence Cost in the United Kingdom  

It is the major category in HGV driving known as class 1 HGV licence. This type of driving licence enables you to drive every type of vehicle other than motorbikes which require a class 6 licence. The general cost of the Class 1 HGV licence is £250 to £300

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