What Is The First Thing I Should Eat When I Wake Up

What Is The First Thing I Should Eat When I Wake Up

Beginning your day with something special has really become a thing in healthy living. If anyone of you is interested in natural remedies and healthy eating tips, you might be aware of the importance of your first meal of the day. According to different research and traditions also there are a few foods considered to be most beneficial when taken early in the morning. These are not just one or two but quite a few natural foods that can rejuvenate and energize your body early in the morning. Following are a few healthy food options to start your day with.

1. Almonds

Almonds the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals are considered very valuable when eaten on empty stomach. They tend to give that extra push start to your body to work hard all day long. And the best way to have almonds is by soaking 5-7 almonds in water overnight. When you wake up the next morning just get the skin of the almonds removed and have them on empty stomach. Removing the almond peel helps nutrient absorption and also the almonds become so soft when soaked overnight.

2. Dates

Dates have the magic to prevent almost every disease. The thousands of benefits dates provide your body is something to feel blessed for. You can begin your day by having 2-3 dates providing you some quick energy to kick start your day. Dates also help keep your digestive tract active and free from any bad bacteria. Having dates early in the morning will help in better absorption of potassium and soluble fibers to prevent constipation or diarrhea. When it comes to starting the day with the best possible food option, it has to be dates no doubt.

3. Water

Drinking water just after waking up is quite helpful for the human body. Waking up after several hours of sleep you need to replenish your body’s water requirement. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps wake up the lazy organs and also to keep your digestive tract functioning properly. Drinking water on an empty stomach is also good for those who feel like eating nothing in the morning or don’t feel an urge to have breakfast. Water will begin the functioning of your stomach and bring back your appetite. It will also help clean up the kidneys and prevent conditions like kidney stones.

4. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is an amazing vegetable you cannot miss out on. Drinking beetroot juice is believed to have some magical benefits. And having it early in the morning is even better. Beetroot helps regulate blood flow in your body and is very good for patients with hypertensive issues. It also promotes red blood cell production which is also extremely important for your health. Beetroot also promotes better oxygen supply throughout the body. If you are finding it difficult to make beetroot juice every morning and want to save time, then you can try out the beet gummies. They contain all the beetroot vitamins and minerals and are easy to take. Having beet gummies in the morning provides better absorption and also the extra energy to keep you going all day long.

5. Bananas

Bananas are also a great breakfast option. They provide you with lots of potassium, providing you with the energy required for a long working day. You can have a banana whenever feeling lethargic, especially in the morning. Having ripe bananas provide you with sugars to help your body wake up and begin the grind. You can even add bananas and some other fruits to make a refreshing smoothie for the breakfast. Bananas are extremely beneficial when eaten in the morning just like any other fruit.

Instead of looking for our phones early in the morning, every one of us must be interested in finding something healthy to eat. Beginning your day with the blessings of nature helps your body function smoothly and also detoxes all the waste. Of several healthy options, our recommendation for the first meal of the day would be some almonds, dates, fresh beetroot or beet gummies, bananas, and two glasses of clean water. Having one of these as your day starters would surely be a healthy affair.

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