What Is Insurance And Why Is It So Important?

What Is Insurance And Why Is It So Important?

We have all been advised to buy more insurance than previously – for life, health, and indeed, for buying a new car or starting a new business. 

Contrary to similar studies, no matter how healthy we are, how well we’re doing financially, or how good a driver we are, we all need insurance. 

This is simply because insurance acts as a safety net that financially protects you and your family when the chips are down. 

In this blog, we will talk about insurance. It’s the most essential kind of insurance, which is why it’s important.

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What’s insurance?

The concept of insurance is veritably simple to understand. You pay a monthly or yearly figure to the insurance company to ensure your life, health, vehicle, property, etc. for a certain period. In return, the insurer pays for the fiscal damage in the event of any injury to the insured person or object.

So you’re transferring the threat of a fiscal loss you might witness due to life’s misgivings to an insurance company for a small figure. 

The three most important insurances are as follows:

1. Life Insurance

You pay a regular premium to the insurance company for a specific number of cycles. In return, the insurance company pays a sum assured to your family if you die during the policy term. 

There are different types of life insurance policies, and in some of those, you get a lump sum amount if you live through the policy term. 

Term insurance provides high coverage for a lower premium volume as compared to other life insurance policies. 

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But no premium is paid to the policyholder if he survives the term. Meanwhile, for methodologies like endowment or money back, the policyholder receives a lump sum after the policy term ends.

2. Health Insurance

Health insurance is a way to ensure you and your family can get smart medical care without you stressing about the cost.

The cost of medical treatment for the insured person(s) is borne by the insurance company under a health insurance policy. 

In exchange for a regular monthly payment paid by you, the insurance company pays for all the charges related to an illness for which the insured person needs treatment. 

This involves daycare, post, and pre-hospitalization, etc. And with the cashless installation, your bill is directly settled between the company and the sanitarium.

3. Liability Insurance  

Similar insurance is offered to ensure parcels, buses, businesses, etc. When buying a liability insurance policy, like motor vehicle insurance, home insurance, or business insurance, in the event of any damage to the insured object or property during the policy tenure, the insurance company will financially compensate the policyholder.

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